Eden Comes to Manchester’s Printworks: Food & Drink Review

When I heard there was a new venture taking over Tiger Tiger in Manchester’s The Printworks, I had mixed emotions. Tiger Tiger was iconic back in it’s day, and I fondly remember turning 18 and heading there for Monday nights out while at University.

I also had many a brilliant night out for birthday and occasions over the years, not to mention the karaoke pods.

However, it was in need of a refresh. The reputation had died, and The Printworks has been crying out for a new addition for many years, in my opinion. So welcome to eden – a new venture which opened up in August, bringing a fresh new approach to drinking, dining and socialising to Manchester.

Firstly, there’s something for everyone at eden, providing a place to host any occasion. For a start it’s super pretty, in which you can tell a lot of care and attention has gone into creating a whimsical floral wonderland soon to open at The Printworks. I guess nowadays it’s all about staying on trend. People love nothing more to enjoy their surroundings and feel special. It’s all about snapping photos of your food and drinks, with the perfect backdrop and photo settings. In which, eden have nailed it.

From bottomless brunches to sharing platters, wood-fired grills and authentic pizzas (and not to mention work-of-art-cocktails), you can have guarantee the atmosphere and setting of eden is a hundred times better than anything you could have asked for at the old venue, or anywhere else in The Printworks for that matter.

The new establishment is set across three-floor with an outdoor terrace, providing a sun-kissed hideaway in the city for those al fresco occasions. I didn’t get to explore the outdoors area, but I’m hoping they can turn it into a warming alcove for the Wintery months too!

I checked out the Gardens of eden, as I like to refer to it as, for an evening dinner and also a lovely bloggers brunch, to fully get an understanding of the food and drink offering.

Sadly I couldn’t attend the opening night, in which Mark Wright hit the decks. From all the buzz on social media that I saw, it looked like a pretty good celebration night!

I think eden is going to be one of those ultimate party venues, a place that will be a good all-rounder for many different ages and tastes. The new venture will be featuring three club experiences, mixed with exclusive ticketed events, live entertainment, superstar DJs and VIP service. And… they still have the karaoke rooms! WINNER!

I headed down on a Wednesday evening to try out the evening menu, which I’ll say straight up that I was genuinely surprised with the extensive list. You can throw away visions of stacking burgers and chips with sharing boards that Tiger Tiger once did. Not that I’m focusing on the comparison, and not that I’m throwing any shade to the old place (like I say, I have fond memories from way back when), but it’s key to remember this place is a breath of fresh air to The Printworks, taking dining more seriously with a menu that caters for all.

The stand out’s for me included classic bottomless brunch menus, wood-fired grill and artisan pizzas, and the vegetarian/vegan offerings. I’m not vegetarian or vegan, but seeing such a long list of choices rather than just throwing in a veggie burger was great to see.

I do tend to opt for veggie meals when I eat out, so therefore I tried the Roasted Stuffed Aubergine, with harissa cracked wheat, chickpeas, mint & red onion salad, soya yoghurt and pomegrante. It came out very delightfully presented, on a large plate with the toppings spilling over. A large portion, in which I instantly regretted ordering a side of sweet potato fries.

Just kidding. I never regret ordering fries, obviously!

Couldn’t fault this as a main course. Full of flavour, top presentation and quite a healthy option to have as my mid-week course. I did follow it with a a caramelised apple and blackberry crumble, because you know, it’s all about balance right? I feel the crumble will go down exceptionally well now that Autumn is coming closer, as it’s a real tradition homely dessert option.

Although they were my two choices, I was genuinely really happy reading through the menu and looking at the prices. Their artisan pizzas baked in the wood fire oven are split into two lists: pizza classics and your more speciality ones.

I mean check this out for a start: The Garden of eden pizza comes with a Beetroot ketchup base (say what!), while Italian pasta lovers can enjoy a creamy carbonara pizza and not to mention the loaded Philly Cheese version. Plus, classic pizzas are just £6 Mon-Friday 12-3, making it a very affordable lunch treat.

As well as extensive steak and sandwich lists, I liked how they had a ‘From the Earth’ and ‘From the Land’ section. Let’s be honest, you’re always going to get your die hard meat eaters, and you’re always going to get your plant based diet diners. To give them both a list of courses without being heavily weighted on one side is totally the way to go.

I really enjoyed my evening meal washed down with Prosecco from a very high quality, heavy Prosecco glass. A nice touch of class. But what about the brunch menu?

Let’s take a look…

eden are going to be shouting about their bottomless brunch menu for quite some time I feel, as the offering includes bottomless bellinis or bubbles in a real pretty setting. Let’s face it, its the ladies who love bottomless brunching more than men, and this is the ideal kinda place you’d want to go for your insta snap!

For £25 per person, you can indulge in any of their scrumptious brunch items while sipping on free-flowing Bellinis or bottomless bubbles, which I feel is a pretty good value.

I tried out the Crushed Avocado on Sourdough because that’s literally my signature dish. I added poached eggs for a bit of protein (purely, because I’m not actually all that into eggs), but I’ll tell you what, this beat off stiff competition from the Brown Butter American Pancakes (four fluffy home-made pancakes stacked with either smoked bacon, maple syrup and soft butter (GF) Crème fraiche, maple syrup and caramelized banana (V/GF)).

It also beat off competition from the Full British Vegan Breakfast, because I’m a sucker for Vegan sausages. A couple of bloggers around me opted for this and it’s huge! Real real real good value for the dollar. (£9.95 – you won’t need to eat until 5pm).

Overall, was I impressed with eden? Yes, I genuinely was, and it was nice to see so much effort has been put in to try and upscale this particular area of Manchester. Hopefully eden will be the first step in regenerating The Printworks and opening it up to the masses again.

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