Crystal Clear H2O Glow and the Chopstick Facial Review

If you’ve ever sat in a room with me and listened to be speak about skincare, you’ll know just how passionate I am. I was an acne sufferer for about 15 years, and saying that, I use the word ‘was’ with a touch of caution. I’m always on edge that it will rear it’s nasty head again, and I guess I’m not completely free from it, as I break out still from time to time.

But it’s a million times better than it has been. Due to my battle with acne, and my scarring that shows the journey I’ve had, I’m always intrigued to discover skincare brands, products and treatments which help improve the skin.

A treatment I started to have in my early twenties was Microdermabrasion, and I specifically remember the first one I ever had was by Crystal Clear. It stuck in my head, and as I continued to have them, I only ever went for this brand, as I had been truly happy with the results times after time.

Obviously, being a beauty blogger and doing this as a full time job has lead me to review various other brands who offer microdermabrasion over the years. I’m yet to have a bad experience (touch one), and have no negatives from other brands, but there’s something in me which always holds a light for Crystal Clear. I feel there is something about their microdermabrasions that rise above the rest in terms of instant results, clarity, and professionalism.

I’ve recommended microdermabrasion to hundreds and hundreds of ladies over the years. Some have mild breakouts, some have scarring, and some have dull complexions. Whatever the case, I still stick by Crystal Clear.

So can you imagine how excited I was when asked to head to the Crystal Clear HQ in Liverpool to experience a H2O Glow facial, and a sneaky try of their brand new Chopstick facial?!

I was honoured to meet Sharon Hilditch, the founder of Crystal Clear, who was going to be carrying out my facial treatments on this particular day.

She assessed my skin first of all, and understood me when I talked about the stress that scarring has caused over the years (but also made me feel a million times better by assuring me my scarring wasn’t as bad as I actually see it). Then, she talked through the H2O Glow facial, and explained what would she would be doing to my skin and the results that would be achieved.

I was more than in need of this, and felt at ease and in super good hands. Not only was it with a brand I trusted, but I felt exceptionally honoured to be in the hands of Crystal Clears very own founder!

The below is two before photos, which were taken before I had the H2O Glow followed by the Chopsticks facial. Before we go further, I’ll highlight what the H20 Glow involves, in case it’s something you feel would benefit your skin.

Crystal Clear H20 Facial Treatment

In a nutshell, Crystal Clear’s H2O Glow treatment would benefit those who have dry or dehydrated skin, looking for intense hydration and a beautiful glowing complexion. That’s me for sure, especially as I have dehydration around my nose and cheeks, and incredibly dull looking skin due to pigmentation.

It’s known as one of Crystal Clear’s most intense hydration treatments, delivering red carpet ready results. A lot of celebrities have it, and I can certainly see why! The H20 Glow facial delivers freezing cold oxygen throughout the epidermis to nourish and invigorate skin cells, while the COMCIT roller (which features tiny needles which honestly don’t hurt!) allow Hyaluronic Acid to reach into the deeper dermal layers via micro-channels. It’s the micro channels that create the instant plumping and re-balancing results.

I like the feeling of it, as I don’t find the micro-channeling unconformable at all. It’s like a very small pricking to the skin, which is over so quickly.

The result? Brighter, fresher, hydrated skin that glows with a youthful radiance. I felt like my skin looked like it had been given a huge boost in hydration, and the result of the oxygen just made it glow and look alive! So fresh and super smooth. It’s incredible how you get the instant result, and despite the small needles, I hardly had any redness.

Crystal Clear Chopstick Facial

Sharon then went on to give me a taster of the chopstick facial, which is literally brand new. You can also purchase this to carry out yourself at home. It’s a no needles, no surgery facial which is said to deliver great looking skin quickly and efficiently.

It’s been launched to product immediate firming and tightening, reducing puffiness and dull skin instantly. I felt that it leveled out my uneven skin tone and left me looking radiant and luminous, alongside the H2O Glow.

Again, it felt incredibly relaxing. The Chopstick Facial was delivered by Sharon using two sonic powered wands, constantly rolled over the skin to stimulate collagen, providing the quickest hydration boost.

They say it is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 27% and firm the skin by 45% after 8 weeks of daily use.

I’m sold. I left feeling glowing and radiant, with skin that felt super hydrated and boosted. Just incredibly healthy looking, and the experience was so relaxing and uplifting for me.

Sharon is truly brilliant. I love speaking to someone so passionate about skin, and I’m desperate to go back and see her again!

The team gave me a full regime of Crystal Clear skincare products to look after my skin at home and keep up the hydrated and clear appearance I had when leaving the HQ. I’m trying out the Skin Repair Serum, 10 Minute Glow (which I’ve already used and loved loved loved the instant results) and the new Super Booster Shot, Radiance Enhance, which can be added to moisturisers for exactly what it says on the tin: a shot of enhanced radiance.

I’ll report back on the products after a month of use!

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