Food: Dining in at Pizza Hut Restaurants

I couldn’t tell you the last time exactly I visited a Pizza Hut Restaurant and dined in for a pizza. My life is just so busy that I’m usually a grab n’ go girl, and Just Eat is a regular for me when I want to indulge in naughty food.

I think it may have been two years ago when me and my boyfriend went to the Pizza Hut restaurant in Newcastle-under-lyme before the cinema, and I remember thinking “why don’t I come here more often?“. Fast forward two years, and probably two years of also not visiting the cinema, I’ve been without Pizza Hut.

But that changed last week, when we headed along to the Ashton-Under-Lyne restaurant on a rainy Saturday night, both in the mood for a cheese feast of pizza, unlimited salad and a serving of creamy ice-cream.

We didn’t want to dress up – we just wanted to drive somewhere that was guaranteed to have delicious food, with a parking space, a relaxed atmosphere and some form of help yourself mechanism. Which is why we ventured along to Pizza Hut restaurants! If I’m going to indulge and have a large pizza for my main course, I’m more than happy to load up with fresh salad, pasta and dips beforehand to really kick start my feast.

Also, in my opinion, you can’t beat a free refill soft drink bar. I get through copious amounts of diet coke when I eat salty foods like pizza, so I’m ordering at least 3 or 4 drinks during my time eating. Plus, this is something I get super giddy about when heading to Pizza Hut – they do vanilla and cherry flavoured diet Pepsi! Yes! The little things hey…

I spied Pizza Hut do feel good flatbreads which are similar setups to pizzas but on a thinner, crispier base and come in at under 550 calories. A great lunch option in my opinion, as you get the taste of incredible pizza, but without all the guilt. Although I shove my guilt to one side as soon as I grab onto the pizza menu and also order a large sharer – veggie on one side, BBQ chicken on the other!

‘My side’ of the sharer was Heavenly Veg, which I was instantly drawn to due to it being smothered with goats cheese and caramelised onion. It certainly was heavenly, and my only criticism is that for a large sharer, I could have easily done with an extra slice added to it. Or maybe I’m just greedy? …

The other side of the pizza was the Texas Meat Meltdown, which was smothered with BBQ sauce before piling on all your meats: chicken, spicy pork, pepperoni and chorizo. It made a nice balance with my Heavenly Veg (I’m not a vegetarian by the way) which was topped with lots of fresh rocket leaves. Delicious…

I suppose the purpose of this foodie blog post is to remind you that if you’re looking for a good old delicious, trusty food place to eat in (or eat out), Pizza Hut restaurants is a bit of an old classic in my opinion, and is just as good today as it was back in the day when I’d go with family when I was younger, and it was such a huge deal.

Everything is always made to quality, and as I mentioned before, you don’t have to dress up (but you can if you like), there is always a relaxed vibe, and everything is more than affordable.

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