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I wanted to try and get this blog post up before Christmas, but the holidays got so hectic that I’ve only just managed to put this up now (a couple of days after Christmas…)

On the run up to Christmas, I over indulged at an online store called PrezzyBox when it came to searching for some last minute gift ideas. Basically, I had a couple of friends to gift for Secret Santa, and you know when you just can’t think of anything to get them?! I also had my cousins 50th birthday too, just a few days before Christmas, and my usually creative mind just went blank.

I came across PrezzyBox and was pleasantly surprised because some personalisation gift sites can be a little tacky, but this one looked premium, modern and super classy when I started to browse. I knew I wanted to gift a keepsake for my cousin, and she loves pretty, stylish and expensive looking items, which led me to this gorgeous rose gold metal and glass trinket box.

It’s an ideal box for storing precious earrings, rings, or those small items you want to keep safe. With rose gold being one of the biggest home wear trends of the year too, I realised there was no way this little cute box wouldn’t go down a treat.

To give it that extra bit of something special, I got the glass engraved with ‘HAYLEY’ on the top, and wrapped it up ready to gift as a keepsake 50th present. You can find it online here for £19.99

Another sassy little gift idea I came across was the choice of personalised gin glasses they retail on PrezzyBox for £17.99. I actually got one of these for myself, because these huge fishbowl like gin glasses are real must-have’s right now in the house. They are called Balloon Glasses if I’m to be properly correct, so I should actually start referring to them as that rather than gin and tonic glasses!

The quality of the engravement and the actually glass is super – a real high standard, and this glass just makes me crave a cheeky G&T even more now…

And last but not least, a great one for the secret santa is this Aroma Home Knitted Snuggle Owl Hottie. It retails at £19.99 and is a super cute, soft owl that comes with a microwaveable insert filled with wheat and infused with relaxing lavender and chamomile.  You just put the insert in the microwave for a minute and when it beeps, slip the insert amongst his woollen feathers.

I bring it to bed with me and when I breathe deeply, I can smell the soothing fragrances. The lavender and chamomile are so relaxing that the owl will soon become yours – or your gifting person of choice –  favourite bedtime buddy!

I apologise again that this gifting post comes a little after Christmas, but hopefully it sets some seeds for ideas with the upcoming Valentines Day and various other occasions that 2018 will bring!

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