Five Vacation Getaways For Those Who Love The Water

Have you always felt as though you belong in the water, and a kind of surprised if your mum didn’t opt for a water birth? Whether it’s relaxing in a thermal pool, snorkeling in a coral reef or swimming in the sea, so many people out there just can’t get enough of it.

I for one love being in the water, but it has to be the warm water you get when holidaying far away. You know the type I mean. Heated by endless hot tropical Summers!

That’s why when I look for holidays and getaways. I usually try to find somewhere that’s near the beach and the water, and that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. And so without further ado, here are five of my ideal holiday getaway spots for people who love being close to the water…

Five vacation getaways for those who love the water

1.       Koh Chang Island

This island is one of the biggest in the Gulf of Thailand and is full of jungles, hiking trails and, of course, stunning waterfalls that will take your breath away. You can spend an unforgettable day chasing the sounds of the water until you stumble into some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever see. It’s a hugely popular spot amongst backpackers, and I can easily see why.

2.       Cruise vacations

Cruise vacations are great because there are so many options available. You can look into different destinations or browse by duration, so if you only have time to get away for a day or two then you can take a shorter cruise. A California cruise vacation is one of the best choices if you love the water because when you get off the ship, you can surf the waves or even just relax on the stunning California beaches. Alaska cruises are great for those who want to kayak or see icy glaciers up close.

3.       Go to Goa

Staying on the theme of beaches for now, one destination that a lot of people forget about is the jewel of India, Goa. Many of its beaches are empty and untouched, and even the most popular ones have plenty of space. Better still, after spending your days lazing on the beach, you can go for a wander around the Indian town and experience the country up close and personal.

4.       Visit some national parks

National Parks are the perfect place to visit if you want to get back in touch with nature while simultaneously having a vacation that you’ll never forget. It also means that you don’t have to splash out on expensive international travel – after all, why bother when you have everything you need right here on your doorstep? If I had to choose just one place to go, I’d recommend the stunning springs in Florida, but feel free to do some research of your own.

5.       Beach crawl in Miami

While we’re on the subject of Florida, if you’re looking for something to do near the waters of the Atlantic ocean, I’d 100% recommend going on a beach crawl, going from town to town in Miami and sampling the food at every place you stop along the way. And if you still need a little inspiration, here’s a great little list of some of the top spots to eat and drink!

So, you’ve heard from me, and now I want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite places to get up close and personal with the water? I know all of the main destinations of course, and so if you know of anything that’s close to you then even better.

Be sure to let me know what you think by sharing in the comments if you like…

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