My Engagement Story and Why I’m Happy I Chose My Own Engagement Ring

Let’s face it – as much as we dream about the moment we’ll receive an engagement ring, you can;t help but wonder if your other half knows exactly what your ring type is.

I for one was never the type of girl to go ramming it down his throat. I felt it a little off-putting, and that if he was to propose, he wouldn’t have the pressure looming over him of a particular ring type I liked.

Saying that, I’m not too hard to please, but there are certain, overly blingy rings and large diamond cuts that never appealed to me. I have small, petite hands, so I wouldn’t really be able to pull off these huge ‘rocks’ that some people adore.

Luckily, and I say luckily because this was the best set up for me, when my partner Martin proposed, he gave me a costume ring for the proposal, and booked in some time the next day to go ring shopping in Manchester. It was honestly perfect. He’d done his research into the 4C’s (cut, clarity, colour, carat) and actually knew more about them than I did!

He’d planned a weekend in Manchester, and worked around all the plans I had squeezed in so that he had the perfect slot to a) surprise me with a proposal, and b) go ring shopping!

Understanding diamond rings isn’t the easiest of tasks for a man who would never wear one himself. There are lab cut diamonds, 1.5 carat diamonds, princess cuts and all sorts out there… there’s a lot of research to be done!

Some people have their own opinions about the way we did it. They love knowing their fella found out exactly what ring they wanted beforehand, and surprised them with the exact version, shining away in it’s box while the fella is down on one knee. For me? I loved the shopping trip we had together, where I could browse what I loved, and talk through my options, trying them on together.

So, what do you think about picking out your own engagement ring? Would you say it’s a DO or a DON’T? Here’s some of the reasons I loved it, and why it might be an ideal route for you to:

You can ensure the ring is just what you want:

In an ideal world (I have to add that bit in!) you’re going to be wearing your engagement ring for a very long time, so it has to be something you love and are proud to wear.

The style, shape and sparkle is all about you, in which shopping around together for it is the perfect way to really explore what you love. Try them on, see what they look like and have a feel for them. It’s a difference experience trying them on rather than just browsing online.

Your fiance will feel less pressure

Let’s thing about the blokes for a change here: they will feel under enormous pressure to get it right. When they have to pick it themselves, they’ll be anxious from the beginning of the hunt, right until you try it on. 9/10 times the ring will be too big (usually the case as jewellers will advise to always size up as it’s easier to adjust smaller than make a ring larger!).

Also, your engagement ring tend to be a prettttty high expense, so your future fiance will feel the stress to get it just right. If you manage to go together, it means you don’t end up making an financial mistakes. You get to choose the ring you love, in the right size and right fit, which will be worth every penny!

Making decisions together is lovely

You’re both going to be getting married, so why not start the together life off by making the engagement ring decision together? Of course, it’s down to personal preference of the lady, as I kinda believe you should never lean towards a ring that your partner likes and you not so much. But, their opinion should be listened to, as engagements and marriage is all about compromising and making decisions together!  

You may as well start off making these decisions together now, before all the ‘boring’ life decisions have to be made together later on!

It’s a bonding time:

You’ll always remember the day out you both had, browsing the jewellers windows and choosing your dream ring. It’s an emotional and happy time, and personally I feel it’s better spent together, than one stressed out man (sometimes a clueless man!) trying to do it on his own.

Your fiance will also gain the experience of finding out more about your style and tastes, how you shop, and your decision process.

Overall, remember that the decision to go ring shopping together and pick a ring as a pair is down to personal preference. Yes, there are cons, and a few of them at that. You’ll know how much he spent, and there will be no surprise element. So you just have to go with what makes you two as a pair feel happiest with!

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