Murad City Skin Age Defense Mineral SPF 50

After sharing my skin pigmentation problems and melasma nightmares on Instagram for most of the Summer, I kinda wished I’d discovered this Murad SPF earlier. I’ve been trying ti get into the habit of wearing an SPF 50 everyday since Spring, since sharing with you all over there how bad my pigmentation is (it goes 10 times worse when we have sunshine).

Last year I was using Image Skincare SPF 50 on my face after undergoing a range of professional Image Skincare peels. I got through the bottle in about 6 months, as the texture was so thick, I hardly needed any. Then, when it ran out, I started to slack, using my SPF 25 sprays I share with my other half when sat in the garden at the start of lockdown, when we had that glorious weather. Come June, I could see the pigmentation becoming quite severe again on my forehead. Yawn. Here we go again!

The reason I feel I should give a shout out to Murad City Skin Broad Spectrum Mineral SPF 50 in particular is because it’s a mineral sunscreen, and I get asked a lot about mineral ones as everyone knows I have suffered from acne. It’s not just acne sufferers than benefit from mineral sunscreens, it’s also those who are particular about what they put onto their skin, those with sensitive skin, and those keen on being free from alcohol and fragrance – which a lot of us should be vigilent about!

So, in regards to the questions I get about mineral sunscreen to tackle my pigmentation, I feel this one is one of the best. Firstly, it’s SPF 50, and that’ is pretty much the factor I need for ultimate protection. Secondly, it’s Murad, and if you’ve followed me for a long while, you will know I can’t fault the brand. I fist fell in love with them many many moons ago when I discovered their Vitamin C range of products, which did a brilliant job at brightening my complexion. After that, I discovered the AHA exfoliating cleanser, which is a dream for those with light acne, acne marks, dull skin and pigmentation. It’s my very favourite cleanser, but due to some of the acids in it I’m laying off until my baby is born (six months!), in which I’ll be straight back onto it.

Thirdly, the mineral sunscreen effortlessly absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving behind that greasy residue some sunscreens can leave behind. It also doesn’t feel as thick as some of the other SPF 50’s I’ve used. Of course, the higher the SPF, the thicker the texture has to be naturally, but this one didn’t feel as excessively thick as I’ve felt before.

It’s 100% mineral broad spectrum PA++++ and SPF 50 protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays, infrared radiation, pollution and blue light from devices, which is possibly why they say ‘city skin’ in the name. It’s not just your beach day protection, it’s kinda an essential for those days when you’re out and about outside often, as it’s super easy to catch rays when you’re not even expecting to.

I hate to sound like a Mum here, but I’ve learnt the hard way over time, and lack of SPF and exposure to sun hugely accelerates visible signs of ageing. The more savvy you are with wearing a high factor SPF, the more you’ll reduce your skins aging.

I’d say this one by Murad leaves my face feeling silky, refined and minus any overly white residue. It also makes an ideal base for makeup, and something I never expected to notice from this is that it actually moisturises my skin as well as protecting it. I’d say I’m left more with velvet, soft skin, rather than overly dewy which can look a little greasy.

Because I’ve been reducing my AHA’S/BHA’s lately, I’ve turned to using Murad’s Environmental Shield Essential C Cleanser and Moisturiser with this SPF 50 product, to be a little more gentle with my skin. The Essential C range never fails for me, it’s always a brilliant all-rounder, especially for ‘waking up the skin’ and working to brighten and revive.

The Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 doesn’t come cheap, but you’ll find most quality mineral sunscreens are quite pricey as they act as an investment product. You can get this for £60 at lookfantastic here, and also Space NK have a fabulous range of Murad products (including my fave AHA exfoliating cleanser!) which you can shop here.

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