Fashion: Using the Frame Styler at Specsavers Manchester Arndale

I’ve been a glasses wearer ever since I was about 12 years old, but you know what, I’ve always hated them. As in, avoided wearing them for most of my teenage years and was always that annoying child who would squint at the TV or white board in school.

But then, glasses got cool. But not until about another 10 years later, in which during that time, I sacked off the idea of wearing them and relied on throw away contact lenses everyday. But my word, they are expensive.

So, now that glasses are much more stylish and seen as a fashion statement, I decided to get myself a sassy new pair. I chose Specsavers as my choice, mainly because I got told about a fabulous new a new in-store frame styler system they have, designed to make choosing the right pair of glasses much easier because it scans your face shape, and selects the best suited frames for your face shape.

Sounded interesting to me!…

One of the reasons I’ve struggled with wearing glasses is that I just find a pair which suit my face. I’ve got quite a strong square jaw, but yet a petite face with a tiny forehead, so I tended to just follow fashion and try to get oversized, heavy pairs. But sometimes they just never looked quite right…

I headed to Specsavers in Manchester Arndale earlier in the month to have a go at finding a perfect pair of frames for me, via the in-store Frame Styler. I mean – when there are so many different frame styles to choose from, how do you know which ones suit you?

Exclusive to Specsavers, this handy new Frame Styler is a new in-store technology that’s designed to help you find the perfect pair. The store assistant asked me to face the camera, and then turn to the right and then left, letting the device scan my face from all angles. It uses facial analysis to scan my face shape and features, identifying styles and colours from their ranges that would look good on me.

Then, it revealed my face shape – which was square! I kinda knew it would be, so it wasn’t really a huge surprise…

What was a nice surprise though was that the Frame Styler then shows all the frames that Specsavers have in store, suited to my face shape. It brought up an extensive array of ‘angular’ style frames, so myself and the store assistant scrolled through various pages on the device, whilst I made a note of any that jumped out at me.

The next bit was pretty cool – its virtual try-on technology allowed me to see first-hand how different glasses can change my appearance from all angles. It let me see myself how others see me with glasses on, which really helped me before making my selections.

Together, we went to the women’s frames section, and pulled out all the ones I had spotted via the Frame Styler, and tried them on.

I’ll warn you – I started with about 10 pairs, and the whittling down process was tough to say the least. There were so many frames that I loved, but then had to weigh up whether they sat a little too large, whether the shape was a great match, or was the shade of the frame ‘my colour’?

After an intense 20 minute whittle down session, I finally found the pair of frames I loved. And here they are, from Specsavers own brand, at just £89!

As you can see from the photos below, they are a larger shape frame, with an angular style and a slight cat-eye feature to give a little stylish shape to them. I opted for black – mainly because I love dark rim glasses – and the lovely team made sure my rather thick lenses were shaved down so that the lenses didn’t stick out from the frame.

We’re talking about a girl who is seriously short sighted here guys (haha!), with a good old -3.50 in one eye and -3.00 in the other, its fair to say my lenses are always rather thick!

And now, I actually love wearing my glasses in the morning when I get up. Before, I would pop them on whilst I get up, brush my teeth, make a cup of tea, and then pop in my contact lenses before getting ready. But now, I’m quite happy to keep these on properly a few days a week, and alternate with my contact lenses more evenly.

The team at Manchester Arndale were brilliant – I can’t thank them enough for their incredible service. I feel like there are so many glasses wearers out there, who like me, dread glasses shopping because it just becomes difficult.

Luckily, this Frame Styler device made it much easier for me, and even brought me straight to my dream pair of specs.

I talk about my new pair of glasses and how I found the service at Specsavers Manchester Arndale in my vlog below. Don’t forget to head over to my YouTube channel for more videos too!


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