Beauty: Trying USANA CELAVIVE Skincare Products

I’m not too confident with my ‘no makeup selfies’, but I thought I’d grin and bear it today by showing you some real, unedited photos of me after spending a week in the sun.

I never ‘edit’ my photos, on Instagram or on the blog, but what I do is sharpen them up and change the brightness, contrast and clarity. So I’ll often add more light, sharpen them up, and add a touch of contrast to make them more visually pleasing. But you’ll often find I’m wearing makeup in these, meaning my skin always looks pretty much fine.

The UK has recently had some beautiful weather, and as much as I love it, it brings out my dark skin pigmentation almost immediately. The photo above is me completely natural after around 5-7 days of being out and about in the UK heatwave…

As you can see, it brings out freckles, brown spots and sun spots, all blended in with the odd post acne mark and occasion breakouts. Do I like my skin without makeup? No, not at all. And I know I should be embracing natural beauty and being body confident etc… but I have to be completely honest. I feel patchy, and most of all, like there is just ‘too much going on’.

I’m thankful, however, that my acne breakouts have gone much less. But when one problem goes, another arises, and now I’m graced with all these marks covering my skin.

I’m always looking to review skincare ranges completely new to me, and I’m open to trying out ones from recommendation or that have great reviews. I have a couple of key products from certain brands that I do repeat buy as fail safes (I made a YouTube video about them here) but during the rest of the time, I’m happy to try out up-and-coming brands, or even those long running, much-loved brands, to review for you all.

This time, it’s American brand USANA, who have a CELAVIVE skincare range aiming to reveal your skins true potential.

I explained to the brand I suffer from pigmentation, and also combination skin, which is dull and also a little help with clearing and unclogging too. I don’t ask for much, do I?! *Giggles*

Kindly, I was sent over a full skincare regime set to try. I was more than ready to switch up my skincare regime now that the UK Summer was in full swing, and my skin was duller, drier and patchier than ever.

So here’s the products I have been introducing to my skin over the past month, and how I found each of them. The whole set is called the USANA Celavive Regimen Pack for dry/sensitive skin, and retails at £174.90.

This Celavive™ Regimen Pack containing products specifically formulated for dry or sensitive skin types, which is my skin type. They feature powerful active ingredients and natural botanicals, becoming a high-performance skincare system.

The packaging is sleek and stylish, you know when products look super premium because they are packaged so well?

My regimen pack contained the following, and here’s how I found each one:

Gentle Milk Cleanser (£18.70)

I firstly remove my makeup with my usual micellar water, just so I can take away the top layers of my heavy make up. Then, I’ve been applying 2-3 pumps of this Gentle Milk Cleanser into my hands and massaging into my face.

It’s a rich, creamy texture, a little bit like a milky cream, hence the name I suppose! It’s super gentle and smells light and refreshing. I massage for around 30 seconds, before washing away with warm water, making sure all the dirt/grime has gone. I think it’s due to it’s thick, creamy texture that it’s so good at removing all the ‘junk’ that sits deep into my skin, and because it’s so creamy it’s so lovely to use!

Once I’ve pat dried my face with a towel, there’s no redness at all (which I sometimes get from washes with glycolic acid or salicylic acid) and my face feels really moisturised. So for those with very dry skin, this is a face wash which will actually help inject the moisture in before you even apply your moisturiser…

Perfecting Toner (£22)

The opinion is often open when it comes to toners. Some people love them and some people don’t see the need, but I for one always try to use one. I don’t know if it’s something in my head, or just the fact I’ve always had good experiences with them, but I find they always remove the last bit of makeup that stubbornly sits on my jawline or hairline, and leaves a refreshed, super clean ‘palette’ for my skincare products. A bit like a treatment products.

This one has a unique formula which helps to maintain proper moisture levels, so it brings my levels back after cleansing. It gently purifies my skin, but it’s also loaded with key nutrients and powerful peptides to give my skin a boost of all the good stuff!

For me, a good toner will help prepare your complexion to receive the maximum benefits of moisturisers and treatments that follow. This one does just that, without stinging or adding redness/irritation…

Vitalizing Serum

Serums also have a little bit of that toner attitude – some people don’t think they need them, where as others can’t live without them. It totally depends on your skin type, but mainly, serums are a treatment product, ideal for applying after your toner and before your moisturiser to dramatically improve your skin and act as a more intense version of a moisturiser.

This one helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the elasticity to restore a youthful radiance.  After just one application of this, my skin looked brighter and more glowy – I think this is the one out of the lot that is helping fade my pigmentation. Hooray!

It’s packed with natural botanicals and powerful peptides in a silky water-based formulation. I simply apply straight after toner and then just wait 3-5 minutes before massaging in the moisturiser.

Hydrating Eye Essence £35.20

As you can see from the photos above and below, my under eyes aren’t too great. They aren’t hugely lined and wrinkled just yet, but they have fine lines around the crows feet area. It’s more the discolouration and the lack of sleep bags that bother me the most. I feel tired just looking at my tired eyes!

I swear by using an eye cream and would urge anyone to use them from their early to mid twenties, to slow down any aging. This one is super lightweight, yet it has an ultra-hydrating formula with avocado oil, apricot fruit extract, and gingko biloba. They work together to visibly lessen the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

You don’t see it immediately, I’d say it took round 5-7 day before I saw a brighter, more refreshed look. But now I’ve continued using it twice a day (sometimes I’ll just stick to evenings, but I try to use it twice daily), this seems to be keeping the dark shadows at bay and I’m starting to look a lot more awake!

Protective Day Cream

This moisturising cream contains a botanical blend comprised of fruit extracts, clincally shown to provide 24 hours of rich hydration after just one application (it’s featured science is that it contains Olivol® too). Sounded like quite a confident statement to me, but I have to say, I really did feel it after my first application!

Maybe because I’m trialling these products in the current heat that we have, and my skins at it’s driest, I really noticed how nourished my skin felt even at the end of the day. The first few days I tried out this day cream, I didn’t wear any makeup, so this was literally the last product I put on my skin before going about my day activities. At the end of the day when I came to cleanse, I didn’t have those rough, dry patches that look like my skin is parched.

It’s not going to be a miracle cure for dry skin, as dry skin will always come back whenever you stop treating it, but whilst I’m wearing this cream in the day, my complexion is super moisturised, smooth and even rather silky! It makes a great base for makeup, which is how I’ve been using it this past week…

Replenishing Night Cream £35.20

Now this is potentially my favourite product across the selection, followed by the toner. I don’t know if it’s the rich, creamy texture or the light, dewy glow this product leaves on my skin, but I love applying this before I go to bed!

It’s super rich when massaging into my skin, but it doesn’t leave that heavy, sticky residue either. It kinda just melts right into my skin and leaves this glossy, dewy finish. When I wake up in the morning, I feel like my skin has this silky, soft veil over it – I actually don’t want to wash it!

It has a featured science, which is the USANA Celavive® Signaling Complex, featuring InCelligence® technology, which is made up of two bioactive peptides and two botanical extracts. I’m not too sure of the exact science in the technology, but the night cream is a luxurious blend to keep the skin both nourished and hydrated, as well as radiant and bright.

This powerful cream uses natural botanicals and powerful peptides designed to fight the appearance of wrinkles and restore the youthful look of your complexion whilst you sleep. So I can sleep well knowing I’ve got an anti-aging cream working its magic through the night!

Again, fine lines are not magically going to be erased, but I can’t tell you how happy I was to see the clusters of small, fine lines which form around my mouth and lower cheeks fading and appearing more blurred, like they were blending into my skin instead of sitting prominent.

I always feel like when all your skincare products work in synergy with each other, with similar ingredients working together, you get that real powerful boost of health infused into your skin. This collection all seem to compliment each other and boost each products working power, giving me no irritation or problems – just clearer, brighter, healthier looking skin.

It’s great to see that all these products are Dermatologist tested and Paraben free, too. I’d sit them up at the mid-high end range, having quite a premium price tag without being too unobtainable.

In my opinion, the price reflects the quality – each product from the regimen pack delivered what it promised, and I’m thoroughly enjoying using them. And slowly, this pigmentation WILL fade!

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