Fashion: The 8 Basic Summer Fashion Tips

With the summer months well underway and most people’s holidays fast approaching, its a good idea to make sure you’re Summer wardrobe is looking good. I for one have a holiday to Portugal coming up at the end of June, so I’m slightly panicking about what I need to buy, to make sure I look and feel great this Summer.

If you, like many of us, find that striking the balance between a summer outfit that looks great, and one that feels great too, is a challenge, then I decided to brainstorm some key things to think about before going on that shopping spree.

I recently put together a blog post about going back to basics with standard beauty tips, so here’s my fashion version for you…

Keep Your Clothes Loose

This is the key to not overheating, even when the temperature outside is soaring. There’s a reason that people living in the hottest climates on Earth all favor long, flowing clothes. Wearing loose clothes will go a long way to preventing you from overheating. The goal is to have a little of the fabric touching your body as possible, with less fabric on your skin, you’ll feel much more comfortable.

In fact, a loose, flowing dress will keep you even cooler than a pair of shorts and a tank-top will. And make sure the material is sheer and lightwear, so a light breeze can easily flow through.

If you are looking for inspiration for your summer outfit, take a look at these summer dresses from iKrush – summer dresses are an essential part of any summer repertoire and this website have a beautiful collection to choose from.

Leave the Padded Bra at Home

It may seem a silly one but it’s one a lot of people don’t think about! The extra inches of foam from a padded bra will make a big difference on a hot day, and not in a good way.

No one wants to be dealing with boob sweat on top of all the other discomforts that the hot weather can bring. Opt for a soft, unlined bra instead, and you’ll avoid those stuffy, stick sweat patches on your chest!

Avoid Low-Quality Fabrics

It can all too often feel as if good fashion comes at too high a financial cost. We all want to look and feel great, but it’s no fun when you start to dread checking your bank account. However, we all know that good fashion doesn’t come cheap. The good news is that when it comes to summer fashion, it is well worth spending that extra money in order to get better quality fabric.

With cheaper fabrics, the material is more likely to stick to your skin and to cause the very kind of overheating you are trying to avoid. You want to make sure that your summer clothes are made from lightweight materials, but make sure that this doesn’t come at the expense of quality. As well as looking for quality materials, make sure that the clothes you buy have good structure, again, so they do not stick to your skin.

Prioritise Natural Fabrics

Artificial fabrics are often cheaper than their natural counterparts, but their properties are very different. You want to prioritise natural fabrics for your summer wardrobe if you can.

Cotton, for example, is a very breathable fabric, especially when compared to artificial alternatives such as rayon or polyester. Natural fabrics also tend to be much better at absorbing sweat and drying out when they do become saturated.

Natural fabrics feel softer and more comfortable, especially as the heat rises. Synthetic fabrics take time to dry and leave you feeling discomfort for longer. You’ll find a lot of cheaper, fast-fashion stores favour polyester, but it’s not actually the best fabric for Summer items.

Avoid Heavy Accessories

In pursuit of looking great, many women make the mistake of adding a bunch of heavy accessories and jewelry to their ensemble. This reduces the effect of wearing lightweight clothes, and can look ‘too fussy’ in the warmer months.

Heavy accessories and other embellishments can also end up pressing fabric against your skin, which can quickly become uncomfortable. If you want to enhance your look, consider adding some kind of patterned garment or stylish prints, and keep jewellery and accessories to fine, dainty styles.

Wear a Wide-Brimmed Hat

A hat is an excellent way of enhancing the look of an outfit while also making it more practical for the hot weather. A wide-brimmed hat can keep the sun off and prevent you from overheating and sweating, and it’s actually really in fashion this season.

Another effective way of providing yourself with some lightweight protection from the sun is to keep a lightweight scarf in your bag. We usually associate scarves with winter, but a scarf made from a thin material will function effectively at blocking the sun’s rays during the summer without causing overheating. You can get some gorgeous designed scarfs these days!

Choose Unlined Clothes

When you are trying to keep the weight and thickness of your outfit down, one of the most obvious places to reduce the amount of material is in the lining of jackets, skirts, and dresses. Every lining is an extra layer of material, trapping heat in and preventing air circulation.

Linings are usually made from synthetic fabrics which, as mentioned earlier, tend to be much worse for causing overheating.

Slim Down Your Handbag

This is another common source of excess weight and, therefore, excess heat. I’m a nightmare for this – I always lug around a heavy bag and it’s not the one for sure.

Carrying a heavy handbag will also cause you to become fatigued, and overheated, much more quickly than you otherwise would. When you are walking around on a hot day, the last thing you want is to be lugging a heavy bag around with you. Take this opportunity to clean it out and prioritise what you carry. Call it a Summer handbag sort-out, or whatever you wish. You’ll find you don’t need to carry around half the stuff you currently do!

Looking great during the summer doesn’t have to come at the expense of feeling comfortable. As long as you think carefully about your choices, it is possible to devise a summer outfit that is both stylish and functional.

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