Beauty: How To Wave Your Hair To Blend Into Wavy Hair Extensions

So lately, I’ve been talking about hair extensions a lot. You may remember my experience with tape-in hair extensions, which as much as I loved, eventually grow out after around 6-8 weeks and I felt completely bald after they were removed.

Perhaps clip-in extensions are my best bet: they don’t grow out all awkwardly, and I don’t feel like I’ve lost half my hair when I remove them because I’ll only clip them in for special occasions. I’ve even been having a look at more dramatic hair pieces to radically change my look for parties or occasions, like stylish wigs or fishtail plait hair pieces, etc…

I recently opted for a set of curled, wavy hair extensions, in a lovely golden blonde shade.¬†You may be wondering why I opted for a curly version, when my hair is naturally poker straight, but in all honestly, I feel that wavy hair pieces can blend into your hair so much more naturally…

It means I just have to lightly wand the rest of my hair, then brush through the waves and blend into the extensions. You just get that instant glam factor, the fresh, soft wave look, and instant ‘ommph’. I literally can’t get enough of them at the moment! So much so I made a vlog alllllll about them…

So take a little watch if you like, I literally talk about how I wand my hair lightly to get a beach wave, how I apply the wavy hair extensions, and how I blend it all in for a natural look.

And, it doesn’t take hours. It literally takes about 10-15 minutes…

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