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Did that first image make you think for a minute I was showing off an engagement ring? If so – I’m glad it made you double take! It’s no engagement ring – just my everyday square crystal ring that I wear on the middle finger, and have done everyday for the past fifteen years. Yes – fifteen years! In all fairness, I treat it just as precious as an engagement ring, which keeps it looking super sparkly and precious day in day out.

The reason for highlighting this in today’s post is that I recently went shopping with a friend who was looking for engagement ring inspiration, and as we trawled the diamond specialists and independent jewellers, I realised that one day- if I ever get a sparkler on my wedding finger- I would have to take off my ‘lifetime’ crystal ring (as it would totally clash sat next to it). My crystal ring is part of me, it’s seen me go through college, university, breaking into the fashion industry, starting my blog, ex boyfriends, old apartments, living and working in Australia, buying a house… I feel like my ring knows all my secrets and is actually more like a body part than an accessory.

I never remove it; it stays on me through every morning shower, gets lathered in shampoo, has seen me switch face wash brands like no tomorrow, and gets caught in my hair everyday when I play with it. What’s going to happen the day I take it off?

If you get the choice to chose an engagement ring of your own, or are expected to give your other half some tips on what type of ring you want to wear, remember this ring is (hopefully) for life. Make it be a part of you, make it represent you as a person, and love it enough to have it stay with you everyday and know all your secrets like my lifetime ring does! Here are a couple of pointers for finding your sparkling ring for life that I have put together from my own ring knowledge, inspiration from Mode Diamonds, and general life/girly advice (which is what I love to focus on after all…)

1. Chose Your Cut
Think carefully about the cut of your engagement ring. Nowadays, you usually have the choice of round, princess, emerald, asscher and cushion – but there are a few more unique ones too. As I have been sporting a square cut crystal over the years, I feel I would love the asscher cut which is similar to a square. Think about what stones you usually wear and what you will be most familiar with.

engagement ring guide
2. Be Realistic with Size
We all joke about wanting a rock the size of a house that cost our fella’s the Earth… but for some of us, it is merely just a joke. As you can probably tell from my photos above, my fingers are incredibly skinny and always have been, and my crystal spins round a lot and hides away. For your diamond engagement ring, think about the practicality of the size. Do you really want to wear one so large it becomes a bit of a distraction? Or one you are so worried about losing or becoming a item prone to theft? Consider your work life and social life, as well as the obvious factors like the size of your fingers and your build. All in proportion…

3. Be Inspired
Shop around. Visit chain stores mixed with independent boutiques and jewellers. Visit vintage fairs and second hand jewellers. Go on Pinterest and Instagram and gain some visual inspiration. I find Mode Diamonds who are a bespoke diamond specialist a great source of inspiration, as they give clear and concise visual guides of the cut and style to consider, as well as letting you select via price range, size and metals.

For now, I’ll continue wearing my treasured crystal ring proudly on my middle finger. Maybe when my situation changes, I’ll start to panic about losing the beloved piece! But for now, I wonder what upcoming life adventures the ring is set to witness? …

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