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I know there seems to have been a lot of home related blog posts lately, but with moving to a new house and decorating myself, it’s just been one of the most common topics in the world of What Emma Did lately. Todays post explores how to make the most of the main room in your house: The living room.

The living room is a place for relaxation, spending time with the family or entertaining guests. If your living room is lacking a bit of life, why not take a look at these helpful tips below on how to renovate this space in your home…

Living room library
Reading from your iPad is becoming increasingly popular, while paper books seem to gather dust in a forgotten corner. If you’re a bookworm and cherish the feeling of reading real books, why not transform your living room into your very own library? Dust off your books, turn a wall into a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf and get absorbed in your favourite novels.

It’s handy to have tools to use to be able to make a few transitions to the rooms in your home. For example, a good all-rounder drill or soldering iron. You can read reviews of these online too.

If you start collecting contemporary arts or the reasonably priced works from independent artists, mounting an exhibition is a great way to show off your collection and demonstrate your distinct taste. It’s a great talking point when you invite family and friends over.

The below photographs are little glimpses at some of my walls from my home, with a collage type inspired wall. I love black frames with personalised images in…

photo wall
photo wall office

Photos wall
Since smartphones replaced film cameras, many no longer develop pictures and fill the photo album with their favourite photos. It’s time to bring back the tradition and develop the photos from your smartphone. Put your pictures in charming frames and be reminded of cherished memories.

Doodle wall
Parents often arrange a specific area on a wall to give their kids free rein to doodle, which encourages them to let their imagination run wild. Embrace this idea and indulge yourself in sketching like a carefree kid. Write down meaningful quotes you read from an interesting book, record your creative inspiration, or simply doodle to release your stress after a long day.

Introduce colour to leather sofas
A sleek leather sofa, with its concise contours, can maximize the minimalism of a living space. The best way to perk up your couch is to add visual interest to it. Either a wild print pillow, a plush piece or a colourful ottoman will help to bring life to the room and the couch.

Go hunting for antique items from vintage and charity shops, or even car-boot sales, instead of mass-produced furniture. Antiques are usually solid, well-made and offer a great focal point. They may even have an interesting story to tell.

The coffee table below is what I purchased from a second hand antiques mill in my home town of Failsworth. Looks pretty good doesn’t it? And it cost just £30! Everytime guests come into my living room, they always comment on the table. Such a cool focal point and totally antique. It needed a good clean when I bought this, but once it’s scrubbed down it looks vintage-chic…

vintage coffee table

Breathe some life back into your living room, and create a space which adds some character and style to your home. I found that the following sites also offer tons of inspiration in the form of influential home gallery images, home features and real life images: Real Simple, Good Housekeeping and The Guardian

Take a look at your living room and see what can be improved to make it into a personal haven!

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