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what emma did
what emma did
Today’s post is about embracing a topic which some ladies out there can feel quite sad about – living on their own. I think it’s the kind of stigma that surrounds living alone that makes people worry about it more, with focusing on the negatives a lot more than the positives. If you aren’t an independent person, it can be a scary thought, but there are honestly so many reasons to celebrate single living life.

I for one live on my own. I bought my house back in March this year, and spent a couple of months with my wonderful Mum and Dad renovating the place and turning it into a homely place for little old me. I guess I have always been quite happy and content with my own company, however I have never lived completely alone before. In all honesty, the thought of it never worried me. I never had that pang of dread about experiencing days/nights on my own, and seeing as I officially moved in back in August, I am yet to discover any negative feelings.

In a bid to try and showcase why I love it so much, I’ve rounded up a mini guide based on my own home life and the things I do to make living alone become a very happy life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I never want to live with anyone, but by focusing on all the lovely things surrounding having your own abode, you can train yourself to love it! Whatever your situation may be that could be leading you (or a friend) to single-living life, whether it be a break-up, selling your home you once shared with someone, moving area, or just simply wanting your own space, try and remember some of these pointers which will instantly make it seem like the best idea!

Emma mug
latte mug

1. Go personalisation crazy.
Yes OK, so having mugs printed with your initials on or engraved coffee mugs may seem a little self centred, but why the hell not? For me, it’s my little space in the world. My house is the place I can relax and unwind without any judgement or forced feelings to do anything, so I like to ‘brand it up’ a little bit as a shrine to myself. After all – I created and designed the interiors, the layouts, the colour schemes and the personal touches, so why not add accessories that symbolise myself? I feel quite happy sipping tea out of my ‘E’ mug from Matalan, and my ‘Cafe Emma’ latte mug from Toxic Fox. I also have a shrine to my work, accomplishments and awards in my upstairs office, which again some people may think is a little ‘self loving’ – but why shouldn’t I have a house which shows off how proud I am of all my hard work?

2. Decorate to reflect your personality
It’s your four walls at the end of the day, so make sure that even if you have a Pinterest board full of gorgeous home inspiration and decor tips, you still apply a little bit of ‘you’ to the house. Using home magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and all kinds of inspiration sites and apps can lead you to kitting your home out to look stunning, but make sure there are little ‘you-isms’ surrounding the place. I love a good black frame wall frame display, which I have put up in my office. I also love magazines to be on show, so I pile up all my old Elle magazines on bookcases and shelving units. Think about those quirky traits of your personality to help design a home you’ll love to relax in.

3. Create a ‘local’ social life
Although I said I like my own company, I do try to limit the time I have just sitting in on my lonesome. I joined the gym in my local town and reconnected with friends who live nearby, to make sure I have some ‘community’ activities if I don’t want to go far. I also invite friends to have a night in at mine a lot, where we will discover takeaways nearby or pubs down the road, so that I’m making the most of the area I live alone in.

4. Find a hobby
I literally don’t have any down time for chilling out and doing nothing, possibly because I have too many hobbies! Running the blog is one (although it is potentially becoming a full time job soon), but aside from that I play the guitar, which can take up many quiet hours in the house for me. I also watch YouTube videos and practice make-up tutorials, which passes those no-plan evenings like you wouldn’t believe. Some less geeky hobbies that you could divulge into are cooking, at home exercises, uncovering new films or simply reading a book.

5. Stock your cupboards with goodies
Who said eating for one was naff? I love nothing more than opening my fridge and finding shelves of food all handpicked for my own personal preferences. I don’t have to put up with someone else’s bottles of ketchup in my cupboards (that stuff grosses me out), or deal with anyone’s stinky gone off cheeses or rotten veg. I have a fridge, freezer and cupboards all stocked with my favourites suitable for me, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Even though that does mean when visitors pop by for a cup of tea, I only have soya milk to add to the tea, to many peoples disappointment. Ah well…

6. ITV stays on
Because I love watching soaps. And no one can tell me they want Corrie turning off…

7. Open door policy
When you live on your own, there’s no need to be watchful of closing or locking any doors at any given times (internal doors that is!). Yes, you can fully embrace having a wee or a shower with the door wide open. I even sleep with my bedroom door open.

If you are finding yourself in a single living situation and feel a bit concerned or worried, then I hope my little guide has made you feel better. If you are reading this and are currently in a relationship or married and live with someone, then I hope I haven’t inspired you too much that you decide to live separately! ….

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  1. October 31, 2015 / 12:51 pm

    I’ve actually never lived alone but always liked the idea of having everything EXACTLY how I want it – like your fridge! Imagine being able to decorate without asking someone else’s opinion… 😉

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