Fashion: My New Love For Active Wear

What I lvoe about the term ‘active wear’ is that it is so loose. When I say it, I mean gym wear, running items, hooded tops, jogging bottoms and crop tops, but I also use it for swimwear, sports bras, and loungewear too.

‘Active wear’ has fast become my new favourite, and it’s potentially because all of a sudden it fits into my life so damn well. I try to go to the around 2/3 times a week to work out, I like to have a swim on a Saturday if I manage to get into a health club, I work 2 days from home in which lounge wear does the job… you get my drift.

Luckily, active wear, swim wear and lounge wear are big news for this year, with more fashion retailers than ever before investing in these collections because they know so many of us ladies LOVE it. I’m getting really into stylish leggings I can wear to the gym with a sports vest, or even to work with an oversized jumper over the job.

With swimwear, I’m getting really into swimming costumers over bikinis, or those cute crop tops that go with leggings that can also be worn in the pool. For example, Simply Swim retail a fashionable range from the Speedo brand, and they have loads of gorgeous sporty style costumes, capri pants, crop tops and kneeskins which let you do the sporty style in the pool!

Or at the poolside, as I probably won’t go for a dip wearing their leggings. But I’d definitely bring them with me to a sports club and have one of their costumes on underneath.

I remember at one point, active wear was so brand focused. If you didn’t have the latest sports brand logo displayed clearly on your tshirt, hoody or jog pants, you didn’t make the fashion cut.

But now, it’s all change. Prints, patterns, slogans, brand names no one has heard of… active wear is now a HUGE business and it’s knocking everything else off the style scales.

I never thought I’d opt to wear fitted leggings with pink stripes and a tight fitting long-sleeve sports top just casually on a Sunday. But now I do, because I can throw an oversized jumper on top and get on with my day, and then just whip the jumper off when I get to the gym and be workout ready…

Are you into this fashion trend? I find myself browsing more sports and swim online retailer stores these days than any other category!

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