Beauty: Lipstick, Powerful Women and Inspirations

It’s been a while since I’ve put together an update on what’s been inspiring me lately, so I thought today I’d change that. And as most of you know, a lot of my life revolves around the beauty industry, with whats hot, whats new, what I’m loving, so lets get stuck in with some beauty updates!

First of all: I can’t get enough of deep brown/ red lipsticks. This warmer, deeper shade is predicted to be a huge makeup trend for Spring/Summer 2018, and it’s pretty much a new one for me!

I recently got hold of a range of lipglosses from Phase Zero, a new makeup brand specialising in liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows.

I spied a burnt brown/burgundy tinted red lipstick from the collection and tried it out, and straight away felt a little strange wearing a colour so bold, and one so bright yet dark at the same time.

I always stick to nude shades, or light pinks as I have a small little pout and these work better to emphasise it. However, the Gingerbread lip gloss from Phase Zero is a deep brown/red lipstick that warms the complexion and adds a little spice to your make-up look.

The texture of this gloss-turned-to-lipstick is silky and moisturising, delivering and intense full-coverage colour that lasts until I decide to take it off pretty much! It dries matte and gives a plumping plush effect to the lips too.

As you can see from the photos, I’ve got a lot of these lip colours. I managed to get hold of them from being introduced to Phase Zero at Love Me Beauty – a new beauty membership service which lets you join up as a member.

By joining up, you receive the best in colour cosmetics at members prices, meaning you have more time and money to live your look! For £5 a month, you save a huge 77% of makeup products, and get a gorgeous box of product landing at your door every month. The minimum subscription time is 3 months…

Love Me Beauty very kindly sent me a box so I could see what it was all about. And as I love liquid lipsticks (I moved on from strict gloss products a while ago and they were always sticking to my hair), I was over the moon with this box packed with the most stunning shades.

Thus discovering Gingerbread!

The story of the Love Me Beauty box really inspired me, and as I researched into them a little more, I loved the concept behind it. Basically, they let you sign up and connect your social media accounts, and really analyse the type of beauty content you share.

This gives them an idea of colours, textures, products and all sorts that you are genuinely interested in, tailoring your box.

As it was recently International Women’s Day, I spent a bit of time looking at inspirational women in the beauty industry, and found out that there are just so many of them who have changed our lives when it comes to confidence, beauty and enhancing.

One of my key favourites is Doe Deere from Lime Crime. The make up range is out of the world, catering in Doe’s words for ‘Girls and boys like me, who express themselves apologetically. Lime Crime is the freedom to be you”.

It’s so inspiring to see a lady feel so strong about creating makeup for both genders, for all interests, and to use it to express who you are.

The Founder, CEO and owner of Lime Crime Makeup, Doe Deere is a rebel at heart. I loved reading up about the ever-changing, self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen, which is at the core of everything she does with her brand. Her unique vision and irrepressible love for color has captured the attention of millions of fans worldwide. Plus, her personal values—such as always being cruelty-free—run strong.

Doe launched Lime Crime Makeup two weeks before Halloween in 2008, in an attempt to find cosmetics that matched her colorful, eccentric wardrobe. In 2009, Lime Crime introduced Unicorn Lipsticks, a radical range of lip colors with a sparkling unicorn on the packaging. Velvetines followed in 2012, putting the liquid lipstick craze on the map.

Doe oversees all product development with her Unicorns in mind – the brands followers being the biggest source of inspiration!

She’s such a highly regarded influencer in the beauty community for refusing to quit her daydream, and I love how Doe ia not afraid to encourage other aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same.

Who is your beauty inspiration? I have so many, but this post today just shares my new loves for Love Me Beauty and the strong lady behind Lime Crime.

Here’s a giveaway too which includes the amazing liquid lipsticks from Phase Zero and Love Me Beauty!

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