Beauty: Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops Review

A quick post this Sunday to share one of my newest beauty product faves: Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops. Quite an odd time to be reviewing them, as it’s currently Wintery and cold out there with ridiculous snowy scenes (it is in Manchester anyway, and as you may be able to tell from my tone, I’m sooooo fed up of this ‘Spring in March’!)

Nevertheless, I’m still focusing on how to get myself looking fresh and glowy, with a touch of colour to my pale, pasty, ill looking complexion.

I came across this new beautiful product from Crystal Clear, and I was drawn to it immediately because it looks very similar to a product I’ve raved about for the past 6 months (remember my Vitage Tanning Drops post?).

Basically, you can drop around 2 drops of the liquid into your favourite moisturiser, and massage into your face. Or, apply a few drops to your body moisturiser, and let it rub into your entire body. There’s no scent to this product, so you don’t get that nasty false tan smell..

The Vitage one I use is a brilliant product, but it does have a slight ‘solution’ type smell, and it’s very quick to stain your hands and nails too. I feel the Vitage one is a more concentrated and stronger tanning product, where as the Crystal Clear is a more gradual, gentler tanning solution.

I’m more keen at the moment on gradually tanning my face, so I don’t look so pasty and poorly (I’m literally soooo pale when I have no makeup on).

The photos above and below show my face after 3 applications of 2 drops of the product massaged into my moisturiser. I started on an evening, followed by an application the following morning, and then the evening again.

Excuse my bad skin at the moment, but the light tan and glow I’m super happy with!

A couple more applications, and I’ll have a much deeper bronze to my face. But I think I’ll wait until the snow and ice has passed first so I don’t look out of place…

You can get hold of this Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tanning Drops product for around £29.99 over on their brands website.

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  1. March 23, 2018 / 5:59 pm

    This is the perfect time to review them! I try to keep a tan throughout the winter as well as summer. I always have trouble tanning my face, this looks like it would solve my problem perfectly xx

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