Everything You Should Know About Moissanite – the New ‘Diamond’

Everyone loves diamond – from superstars to potential newlyweds. The feeling of adorning your body with sparkling pieces of jewellery is priceless, whether it be a diamond-studded timepiece or a pair of diamond earrings.

However, moissanite is the new “diamond” and is very up-and-coming. This gemstone offers the same quality, or more, for a fraction of the price. And yes, you are not purchasing a diamond replica or “knock-off.” Couples who intend to get a diamond ring but don’t have thousands of pound to splash on a pair tend to be going for moissanite rings instead; and this isn’t about settling for less as well. Besides, Moissanite jewels last a lifetime, just like diamonds!

So, what is the rave about these precious stones?

What Makes Moissanite Special?

We can’t discuss moissanite without highlighting its history. In 1893, Henri Moissan discovered the precious mineral in its raw state, known as Silicon Carbide (SiC). As he searched the remains of a meteor crash site in Canyon Diablo, Arizona, he stumbled on the naturally occurring compound and began studying it. Initially, he mistook the mineral for diamonds but later identified it as silicon carbide – a combination of silicon and carbon. Interestingly, Edward G. Acheson had synthesized moissanite in the lab before Henri’s discovery.

It is worth stating that moissanite stones are not fake diamonds, as some believe. These materials produce intense fire and brilliance that rivals their counterpart. As a result, people find them more alluring. When you place a moissanite gemstone under a light, it sparkles even more than a diamond – thanks to its “double refractive” properties.

It can bend light rays and split each of them into two, giving out more fire. And that is not all; moissanite comes in different sizes and cuts, including the following: Radiant, Pear, Cushion, Marquise, Heart, Emerald, Asscher, Oval, and Princess. When it comes to hardness, the gemstone does not pale compared to a diamond; while the latter has a Mohs hardness scale rating of 10, the former has 9.5, making it the second hardest mineral globally.

Purchasing a Moissanite Gem

If you are on a budget, purchasing a diamond ring may not be ideal. Besides, you do not have to go broke to impress your crush. You could buy her an oval-cut moissanite ring. While a one-carat diamond ring may cost you $7,000 (depending on your specifications), a one-carat moissanite ring will only cost you an estimated 10% of that price ($650 to $700). The same also applies to a three-carat oval-cut diamond worth $30,000. You will get a moissanite gemstone counterpart for $1,500.

Moissanite Jewels and their Colour Grades

There are three colour grades you can choose from – depending on your preference. Colourless Moissanites stones are within the D to F colour range. Semi-coloured gemstones produce a warm glow, which many jewel lovers find attractive. They have colour grading G-H-I. Those with yellow or brown tints fall within the J to K colour code.

The Brilliant One Forever moissanite stone has a pure white colour that gives it a diamond-like appearance. You may want to consider purchasing such a gemstone to make your dream engagement or wedding ring.

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