6 Tips For Wearing Clip In Hair Extensions and Making The Last

Hair extensions are an easy and quick way to add volume and length, and something I tend to use when I have an occasion coming up. Based on the applying method, there are different types of them, included seamless clip in remy hair extensions, bonds, tape-in, and sew in hair extensions. I’ve tried tape extensions before and although the results looked fabulous, they were incredibly heavy and as my hair is fine, the sides started to stick out after a few weeks of growth.

However, clip in hair extensions are a popular method which I prefer out of all of them. They are perfect for making your locks denser, fuller, and longer, without sacrificing any damage or being tied in to wearing them for a long period of time.

The seamless clip in remy hair extensions allow you to experiment with colours like highlights, create ombre hairstyles, and additional pops of colour to suit your style. The easy to attach clip-in wefts are worn by the advanced and beginners’ extensions users alike, so even if you have had no experience wearing them before, they are pretty fool-proof to apply.

Clip-in’s are the most durable and cheapest extensions type out there, which add high demand and its popularity. Just remember that due to them being a cheaper style, some retailers will offer poorer quality hair, so do your research and make sure you are aware of the type of hair used before buying.

The most frequently asked question about the seamless clip in remy hair extensions is: how long can you wear them? It’s not quite the simple answer it may sound, as if you are wondering how long you can wear clip in hair extensions on a day to day basis before you take them out, the answer is only one day. Ideally you shouldn’t sleep in them as they’ll get knotted and matted, and the clips may be uncomfy. But you can keep the clips in all day from morning through to going to bed.

However, if you’re wondering how long clip-in extensions last in general, the answer is quite different. Clip-in wefts are called a non-permanent experience method, which means you can take them off every day before you go to sleep.

Can we sleep with clip-in hair extensions? 

As mentioned above, we never recommend you to wear clip-in extensions right through the night. It’s important to know that short-term wefts are not designed for these kinds of uses, and instead are encouraged for occasion use or for daily thickening up and improving the appearance of the hair. While they’re completely harmless and safe to wear the day and will not damage your locks, the same cannot be said for wearing them in bed.

It’s important to look after your real hair while you sleep, which is another reason why you should remove the clips before you go to sleep. If you’re going to ruin natural strands, there’s no point in wearing extensions. When wearing extensions properly and re-attaching each day, there’ll be no damage to your wefts or the tresses.

How to wear clip-in hair extensions every day

Most women like the appearance of seamless clip in remy hair extensions., where they aren’t visible to anyone else. If appropriate precautions are taken to protect hair from the strains and stress of everyday styling, you can wear clip-in’s throughout the day and into the evening, but just remember that they are an ‘add-in’ and shouldn’t be worn for too long.

Additionally, here are some vital tips to keep your locks healthy when considering clip-in hair extensions:

  1. Be gentle with your hair

The seamless clip in remy hair extensions may damage your hair while removing them too roughly and quickly. Hair strands may be tangled in the clip section if you don’t remove with caution; therefore you must remove the clips slowly and lift up and away from the head to avoid damage to your locks.

  • Check hair regularly

If your scalp feels irritated after wearing clip-in extensions, then you need to avoid them for a few days. It’s very rare the clips could cause any irritation to the scalp, but if you do feel anything, it’s best to check and be aware early on.

  • Take Care of Hair using Oils

For best results, it helps if you can take care of your natural hair as much as possible. This can include using oil hair care products to deeply nourish, use leave-in protein sprays, intense conditioner and other products that increase your hairs moisture levels.

Try to avoid heated styling tools like straighteners, nozzles on hairdryers, curling wands and other heated styling tools to prevent heat-related damage and breakage. If your locks are treated chemically, take extra steps to keep your hair moist, so it stays soft and never becomes dry. Bleaching the hair can make it snap and become weak, so if you do choose to bleach, look at using Olaplex or other strengthening bond treatments.

  • If we sleep in our hair extension, what happens?

During the sleep phase, we turn and often toss, even if we never notice just how much! So, the movement does put a lot of strain on wefts and the natural hair. The clips will pull on the strands of hair while sleeping, causing tangling, breakage, damage to your locks, and even hair loss.

Not just that, the seamless clip-in remy hair extensions could get damaged themselves too. Clips might detach from wefts, and hair would become tangled and fall out, making the wefts much thinner. No one wants to wake up with clip in extensions all matted and tangled around your pillow!

When caring for them before going to bed, take them out and brush thoroughly to detangle and remove any knots. We highly recommend making a simple routine in the evening where you detach the wefts, brush, and store them somewhere safe, which will only take a few minutes.

  • How to extend lifespan of clip-in extensions?

If you want to extend the extensions’ lifespan, brush them daily to avoid tangling. You can even wash your clip-in hair extensions once every two weeks and wefts once three weeks, but no more than this!

Remember too that the more you wear them, the shorter their lifespan.

If you wish to keep them looking healthy and strong for longer, it’s better not to wear them too regularly. Perhaps saved for occasions, or on the weekend.

  • How long should clip-in extensions last me?

They can last for such a long period of time if they are looked after, but again it depends on how often you choose to wear them. Try not to wear extensions constantly. The beauty of clip-in extensions is that they will last much longer than any other kind of extensions, but only if worn occasionally and looked after constantly.

If you purchase high-quality Remy wefts, you can easily expect to use them for six months or longer if you stick to a good maintenance routine!

Final thoughts

Clip-in extensions are very popular when it comes to looking for a hair extension choice which is worthy of the money, and gives flexibility. They can look super natural when you purchase high quality remy hair, so it does boil down to the quality of the hair purchased for the clip-ins. You also have to ensure you don’t over wear these, and that you take extremely good care of the clip-in’s.

They aren’t ideal for everyday wear going through to the evening, unless you want to replace them much more quickly. However, they can be affordable and give brilliant, versatile results!

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