Is Jewellery Still a Thoughtful Christmas Present Idea?

Let’s face it, jewellery has been given as a gift to women for years and years, and years, and years….

Saying that, there is a reason for it. It’s timeless and it’s classic. It’s beautiful and it’s meaningful. Too many people have started to assume it’s an ‘easy option’ because it’s been a popular gift option since way back when. But in actual reality – have you ever met a lady who really has no emotional thought towards receiving stunning jewellery as a gift?

The key is to find jewellery that is high quality, precious, but more importantly, means something or provokes an emotion to the person you are buying for. If they are a minimal silver girl, who has an understated style, gifting a chunky gold chain or gem stone rings is not going to blow her away. The same can be said for someone with a distinct individual style. If they love statement pendants or stacking rings, a fine white gold bracelet will have no impact on them.

So, how do you make sure you shop jewellery for gifts this Christmas, and make it work? How do you make it a stand out gift, and not just come across as ‘oh he bought me a piece of jewellery because he didn’t know what else to get’?. Read on for some tips!

Keep in mind the occasion

The main thing to always keep in mind is the occasion. It really can dictate the way you go about the piece you buy, and can prevent you from going all ‘OTT’ or the complete opposite.

If it’s a special birthday or a Christmas which has a real meaning to it, a delicate diamond bracelet makes for a perfect present. They act as a keepsake, whereas for anniversaries, they are traditionally better celebrated with eternity rings.

However, if you’re buying jewellery for a lady for the first time and don’t want to be too full on with diamonds or still haven’t understood her taste, then remember that pretty, single pearls are incredibly elegant and make beautiful gifts. You can get pearl pendant necklaces from Biaritze on either a gold or silver chain, which aren’t ‘too much’ when it comes to a real ‘fuss’ item, yet they are show care and thought that goes behind the selection process. You really can’t beat a stunning pearl pendant.


Think about materials and skintone

Before purchasing a jewellery gift, it’s important it is going to sit well with the ladies skintone and colourings. Think about what types of skintone there are: warm, neutral and cool. It’s also worth thinking how these usually go hand in hand with hair colour and eye colour too.

Cooler skin tones typically suit white gold and silver, whereas yellow metals pair best with neutral skintones. For those with warm skintones, copper-toned and rose gold jewellery tends to work the best. Obviously, this is just a guide and isn’t exactly a given, but it’s worth thinking about if the whole gold/silver/rose-gold/white gold scenario if a minefield for you.

Don’t try to change her style

You might have your own opinion on what you think looks great on others. Perhaps a sparkling drop earring looks glamourous to you, or a chunky layered bracelet is an ideal item. But if you know she hates big statement pieces, buying her a rather lavish, oversized jewellery piece for Christmas won’t convince her to wear it.

The last thing you want to do is to gift jewellery and cause any disappointment, and the best way to avoid this is to absorb her own personal style and work with what she already weaes/likes.

If she usually wears little studs and a dainty bracelet for most days, and occasionally gets something a little more sparkly and statement out for an occasion, look at something in the middle. A pair of rose gold small hoop earrings? A small diamond or cubic zirconia ring? Whatever option you go for, just make sure it will be something she can work with.


Go for sentiment and emotion

Your jewellery gift should have some personal meaning because it shows you thought about her when buying it. Don’t just be lured in by the sales teams at the store – have a think about what sparks an emotion, memory or meaning for the giftee.

For example, her birthstone symbolises the month she was born. Pendant necklaces also can have personal meanings, and initial necklaces add a custom touch too.

Buy the best quality for your budget

Your budget is nobody else’s business, and remember that everyone has their own price range. However, no matter what budget you do have, remember to shop around and get the best possible deal for your money. Quality does matter when gifting jewellery, as something that will tarnish quickly or doesn’t look as luxury as it should will be noticed by the receiver.

If you can afford expensive jewellery, go for it. Christmas is a time for gifting to those special who mean a lot to us, and jewellery really does become a timeless and forever gift. However, a small jewellery gift can be just as beautiful and doesn’t mean you need to skimp on quality. For example, sterling silver jewellery is beautiful and elegant, and has longevity too. Just make sure whatever your budget is, you get the best return.

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