Designer Aspinal of London Sunglasses: Shooting for The Independent Optician

Owning a pair of designer sunglasses has always been something I’ve desired. I mean, during the Spring and Summer months, sunglasses in general are a must have for eye health and protecting from the sun anyway. But no matter what season we’re in, I’ve always seen sunglasses as a bit of a fashion statement, and I know I’m not alone with that way of thinking.

The right pair of stylish sunglasses can set off your style, flatter your face and add a finishing touch to your look. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shopped High Street shades many times before, but there’s something special about designer pairs that I cherish, and of course, I look after them so much more!

The high quality and attention to detail means that designer sunglasses become one of those statement accessories to finish off your look, so in today’s post, I wanted to share with you my favourite pair of this year so far: the Aspinal of London Riviera Sunglasses in Nude that I’m wearing throughout these photos (also wearing the black pair which are the Amalfi sunglasses from Aspinal of London too, which I’ll touch on further down).

This beautiful, cat-eye Riviera style from Aspinal of London gives a slight nod to the 50’s era, and the nude shade is so soft and flattering. It’s almost like a subtle blush shade, perfect for those who don’t want a harsh colour frame, or love a more feminine look.

The images are from a shoot I did with The Independent Optician – which celebrates independent optician practices across the UK – and if you scroll down, you can take a look at a sneak peak from the magazine shoot and interview. I’m basically sharing why I adore these Riviera sunglasses, and why wearing a stylish, high quality pair of sunglasses is kind of something that I feel is just as important I’ve also teamed up with them on Instagram to giveaway a pair to a lucky follower which you can check out here.

The black pair I’m wearing in the image with the white shirt on are Amalfi, which lean towards a slight 60’s style, complete with an exaggerated eye shape. I feel like the oversized style of these work well if you have a more round/square shape face and jaw like myself, as they kind of slim the face down and sit softly on the nose.

I’m going to be getting as much wear out of these two pairs of sunglasses as I can before the Autumn sun starts to fade, but before we know it, Spring will be here and I’ll be living in them again!

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