Tips for Making Shopping for Wedding Rings Special

From the budget considerations to the safekeeping of wedding rings, from the choice of matching to not matching, we’ve got “Wedding rings 101” covered.

Planning your wedding is definitely the most exciting time of your life, but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming and hectic. It is easy to forget something when you have too much on your to-do list. One extremely important to do is choosing your wedding rings. You might want to wait until the last minute to start looking for your wedding rings, but you will not want to rush through things.

Your wedding rings will be one of the glamorous, tangible and lasting element of your wedding trappings – not only a memento of your wedding day but a lasting symbol of eternal love for each other. So, don’t let wedding rings fall at the bottom of your wedding to-do list!

Enlisted below are a few tips that will make shopping for this very meaningful element of your wedding special.

Do some research

Doing some research well in advance is the best way to have a pleasant shopping and buying experience. Having knowledge about what options are available out there, you can enjoy the process of choosing and purchasing much more.

Start by browsing at least a month or two prior to your wedding day. You might be tempted enough to buy your wedding ring from the same jeweller where you purchased the engagement, but that doesn’t mean you will not want to look around at rings anywhere and everywhere.

So, check out different websites, jewellery stores in the market – wherever you can find ideas and inspiration.

Clarify in your head what kinds of rings you want as a couple – what’s your couple style, which metals do you like, would you want to include diamonds on the rings, etc.?

Set a budget

Setting a budget is always the best bet when purchasing fine jewellery. Budget your wedding rings with the rest of your wedding expenses. Your wedding rings are going to last a lifetime, so it should be at least as important a budget-line item as your wedding dress or a cupcake tower.

The price of your wedding rings will vary – depending on the metals used, stones used, whether the rings are inlaid with anything, etc.

Style considerations – To match or not match

This tip is actually very interesting. Whether or not you want to have matching wedding rings is entirely your choice as a couple – there are no rules for it – and should entirely depend on how similar your lifestyle and tastes are.

Different design choice is also a consideration – If she wants a more embellished design for him to match her princess-cut engagement ring, and he isn’t much into fancy jewellery, do not worry! You can tackle this situation by making sure at least one element of the wedding rings matches – stones, metal, design element or an inscription.

Also, If you are set on having the same style rings, you may want to get his band in a different width than her to account for different hand size.

Make it Fun

Amidst the hectic wedding shopping and planning, try to shop for your wedding band as a couple together, and look at this time together as the calm in the eye of the storm. Make shopping for wedding rings special – maybe go out for a nice dinner after checking out different stores. The earlier you start shopping, the more romantic and relaxed the entire experience can be.

After all, you are looking for something that will be a symbol of your eternal love – one that you will be wearing all the time. Make it lovely, so that when you look back on this time, you cherish the moments you spent together choosing your wedding rings.


Final tip and probably the most important one – After you have chosen the rings, keep them safe in a place you both know about. Even after the wedding ceremony, remember to always keep your rings safe when you take it off.

Wedding rings are symbols of your commitment to each other, and exchange of them during the ceremony is a true highlight. So, never take the rings off when away from home – it’s the time when most rings get misplaced.

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