Five Baby Products I’ve Invested in as a First Time Mum-To-Be

This week marks turning 28 weeks pregnant, which in the middle of a pandemic, might not be as exciting as I would have imagine! The news of the most recent lockdown made me realise I can kiss goodbye to celebrating a baby shower with friends and family come December, like the one I always envisioned, but it’s all about focusing on being healthy and happy instead of the more desired ‘things’.

So to focus on more of the important things, I wanted to put a blog post together today to share 5 things I’ve been stocking up on over the weekend (via online ordering!) as I prepare to become a first time mum!

Some of these were things I had never really thought about before, so if you’re a first-time mum too, or are simply just looking for some fresh inspiration, hopefully you might find the list of interest…

Swaddle Bags

From hearing my friends who are first time mums talk about the struggles of getting their newborns to sleep, I’ve heard some great responses around swaddling. Whether it’s large muslins which can double up as swaddles, or the actual swaddle bags which are like very light tog sleeping bags that keep the baby all wrapped up tightly to mimic the womb, these are said to help the baby feel more safe and secure.

I’ve just ordered a wrap around swaddle bag for sleeping, a pack of large cotton swaddle blankets for day and night, and then the little zip up grow bag style swaddles. Ebay and Facebook Marketplace are great if you wish to buy second hand, but if you want to buy brand new, look at Love to Dream, The Gro Company and Amazon.

Coconut oil and natural products

I know that when the baby arrives, there is going to be lots of ‘issues’ that crop up that I haven’t planned in: potential rashes, eczema, flaky skin… I’m sure the list will go on!

I’m trying to get products which will work as all-rounders so I don’t have millions of bottles just piling up. Sudocrem is obviously one that is said to work wonders for a multitude of skin issues, and so is coconut oil – a natural ingredients which is suitable for both babies skin and adults skin.

I’m going to try using Good Bubble Coconut Oil, which is a baby friendly product made from 100% pure virgin, organic coconut oil to help moisturise, nourish, hydrate and protect the baby’s delicate skin. What appeals to me is how it’s designed to ease the suffering from many of the most common baby skin conditions, be it eczema, dry skin, peeling skin, redness or rashes.

From my research it’s key to have an all-rounder, natural product which is paediatrician approved, dermatologist tested and allergen-free. This particular coconut oil for babies is 100% pure and made without any harmful chemicals, perfumes or artificial colours, so it’s fine to use on your baby’s skin, hair and scalp as needed.

Baby carrier

So apparantly one of the key hacks to travelling around with a little one is to explore a good quality baby carrier – in which ‘lugging’ your tot around will become a much easier feat! I’ve been looking for one that is going to be comfortable to wear—and fits my small frame the best.

I know I’ll have to try some on so I get a good feel, and I’m also looking for some that have easily adjustable straps for my shoulders and hips so I can evenly distribute the weight (and save my back some pain!). Plus, having an adjustable carrier means my partner can use it just as easily, helping to share the load. I’ve been looking at Ergobaby as my main brand choice, although haven’t made a purchase yet!

Sophie la Girafe Teething Toy

Although I don’t know at which stage I’ll need this, but there will come a time when I’ll do just about anything to make baby’s teething pain go away. Everyone recommends the magic healing powers of Sophie the giraffe teether.

This teething toy is made from natural rubber and food paint, with no toxic paint or colourings whatsoever. I can’t say exactly why babies seem to adore this toy, but at least if I have one, I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough!

Maternity knickers

So many people have told me to just size up when it comes to ordering new underwear and maternity clothing, but ideally, I need very little waistband yet as much support everywhere else as possible! Sizing up in knockers just meant a baggy bum for me – so instead I’ve been looking at actual maternity knickers where the waistline sits below the bump as a low rise, but I still have bum and thigh support as the size still snuggly fits me. I also seen a lady on Instagram with maternity PJ bottoms, which had the large stretchy elasticated waistband. Now I definitely need these for when I’m heavily pregnant.

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