Crazy Color No Yellow Shampoo Review

One of the ‘problems’ I have often when it comes to hair is keeping my blonde fresh. I’ve written many a post on here about shampoos, treatments, hair colouring techniques and beyond about keeping my blonde light, bright and refreshed – without those annoying yellow/brassy tones.

Because I’ve had a build up of warm blondes and light browns over the past year, I tend to have this warm, almost golden glow that keeps coming through. And it sucks when you want that cooler, almost ice white shine on your blonde.

I’ve talked about Purple shampoos a few times on the blog, but mainly so within the past 12 months. At first I thought they couldn’t possibly work to really change the tone of my hair, but from seeing a few friends who sport light blonde hair getting this gorgeous clean, crisp, icier blonde tone on their locks, I decided to convert.

So I did, and I’ve been enjoying washing my hair around 1-2 times a week with a deep purple toned shampoo.

The most recent is the Crazy Color No Yellow Shampoo

It’s fast become one of my new favourites when it comes to purple shampoos. If you’re fed up of those pesky brassy tones breaking through your clean white blonde, then this is a fast working one.

This Crazy Color® No Yellow Shampoo is great to use once/twice a week to banish those unwanted yellow tones that tend to creep in.

My blonde is slightly warmer than usual at the moment after playing with balayage looks recently, so I’m needing this more than ever. But if you have a real light/white blonde, or want to get your blonde looking like the grey/silver tones you see a lot of lately, this is a fabulous one to use.

Plus, it’s a 100% Sulfate free treatment shampoo, and doesn’t break the bank at £11.50 per 250ml bottle.

To use, shampoo hair as normal using CRAZY COLOR® Vibrant Color Shampoo and towel dry. If you want to leave it on up a minute or so, expect a real ice white lift.

Then, apply a small amount of Rainbow Care conditioner from roots to tips and comb through. Rinse after 1-2 minutes for frequent use and for a more intensive treatment, leave for up to ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

You can find this product over on the Crazy Color website to buy here.

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