Camping Tips for Women Who Have Never Been Camping

Most of you who know me ‘in real life’ will know I took up camping as a hobby when I met my partner – a super keen camper. It’s not something I’d challenged myself to do beforehand, but as long as it’s during the Summer months, I enjoy nothing more than pitching up in the great outdoors and calling the countryside ‘home’ for the night; especially since there are so many amazing UK Campsites to explore

So, are you a woman and you feel tired of your monotonous work routine over the past few weeks or months? Feel like breaking the monotony and planning a trip soon, filled with fresh air? Well, if you’re after an adrenaline rush, go for tent camping. You can go solo, or with someone, but if you’re an adventurous woman, there is nothing wrong with finding a safe area (like camp sites) and heading off on your own!

Yes, it might sound a little daring. But once you have all the information and tips you need to go camping solo in one of those peaceful landscapes around you, trust me, you will feel super energised, adventurous and relaxed.

But before that, let’s make sure you have all the information you need to make the trip possible:


Camping Location – Do Your Homework

First things first, you need to invest a good amount of time in knowing your camping route and final destination. Since this will be your first time and you will be all by yourself, get all the information you can about the location, nearby sites, emergency points, weather, safety, etc.

A good start could be your state National Park’s official website. You can also find information regarding road closures, booking details, campground closures, etc.

Things You Need to Carry

If you have decided to embark on your first ever solo camping trip, one of the most important questions you have to ask yourself is what stuff to take and what not to. Trust me, being a woman and a first-timer, you have to make some smart decisions here.

Let’s have a look at a key list of supplies to ensure you have with you:

Sufficient Food & Water

Depending on what location you decide to go tent camping, the weather, your duration of camping and other terrain conditions – make sure you have adequate supplies of food and water.

Apart from your regular meal items, do not forget those chocolate and protein bars, healthy snacks, coffee beans and enough water that you will need to drink, make coffee, wash your pot and brush your teeth with.

It’s about bringing non-perishables, and food that can keep you going. Look for porridge pots to top up with boiling water if you’re at a campsite that has this access. Energy foods, high carbs… that sort of thing.

Lightweight and Easy-to-setup Tent

Remember that you are going solo – there won’t be any sort of help that you can get to carry your backpack or set up your camping tent. So you have to ensure that you get a nice lightweight tent that is quick and easy. I’m definitely not great at putting up a tent, so if I was to do it alone, I’d want it fool proof!

An ideal inexpensive beginner’s tent, for example, an Ozark Trail Tent, will be a good choice to get started, however, there are various camping tents on the market these days that might give you the space for another person, too. When you are shopping for one, you need to look for sufficient luggage space, sleep area, ventilation, tent fabric, etc.

Regardless of which specific camping tent you go with, make sure that you try it out at least once at your backyard before you make the trip. You really do not want to rely on a tent installation instruction manual while you are camping all alone. Also, check the space while you set it up at home, how the fabric and ventilation feels – basically double-check all aspects whether it meets your requirements or not.

In addition to this, your camping tent should be waterproof or weather proof. Don’t fall for those weather resistant tents because they might not hold up if it rains heavily while you are in the middle of your trip. Spending a few extra bucks will surely save you from a lot of trouble later on.

As something to bear in mind, remember there are pop-up tents too!

The Perfect Sleeping Bag

Women tend to need warmer sleeping bags with a comfort temperature that actually suits you. For example, if the camping location has a temperature of 10°C, do not buy a bag that says ‘10°C women comfort’. Get the one that says 5°-10°C at least.

Remember that sleep is essential when camping, and if you have a poor nights sleep, it will take it’s toll on your solo adventures. Warm pj’s, a suitable sleeping bag, a night light, and perhaps ear plugs!

Other Accessories

Taking into consideration how much backpack weight you are willing to carry with you, fill it up with other important accessories that you need to have at any point. This might include insect repellent spray, candles, washing liquid or soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, headlamp, torch, toilet paper, wipes, deodorant, towels, shampoo, razor, etc.

Don’t forget dry shampoo, too!

If you plan to take a wash in a nearby stream or a lake, when wild camping, a swimming costume will help. If you can, try to go with minimal makeup items to save space and manage weight in your backpack.

A book, novel or a magazine is always a good camping item to keep. Don’t forget your earphones and music – during the night, you might need some nice music in your ears in order to deviate your mind from those insect sounds that you might hear till sunrise.

Safety Tips for First Time Solo Women Campers

So once you have done your homework and bought your essentials that you need, you should be feeling all geared up and charged! Remember though, safety should be at the forefront of your mind.

Here are a safety tips for your first solo camping trip:

Share Your Trip Details, Not Advertise

Know that there is a big difference in telling important people about your trip to someone you trust and making it public for anyone to know. Try not to post pictures of your camping trip while you are in the middle of it. You can always have time to do that once you return home. Only share your trip location, duration and other details with your trustworthy people.

Be Vigilant about your Surroundings

If you feel or see anything or anyone suspicious and out of order, be quick to report it to relevant authorities or local police.

A Nice Plan A – a Nicer Plan B

Stick to your original trip plan that you worked on for so many days, however, if things go haywire due to whatever reasons, you should always have a solid back up plan. It’s advised not to make any new plans while you in the middle of your camping trip. Make sure you do all your homework for the backup plan as well before you leave.

Trust Your Instincts but Respect Your Limitations

The best person to know you is ‘you’. Yes, trust your gut feeling and go ahead with all the adventures that you possibly can. However, if there is something that you know for a fact is beyond your reach or natural capacity or capability, do not hesitate to back off.

First Time Solo Camping for a Woman – Our Final Word

Initially, it might sound crazy, scary and impossible at the same time and that is totally normal. However, if you plan and execute the trip the right way, with all the aforementioned aspects taken care of – you are going to have one hell of a solo camping trip!

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