The Essential Road and Tyre Safety Tips Worth Knowing

As we’re entering Spring, the UK should ideally be getting prepared for a season of road trips and those fresh, spring-is-in-the-air outings. Although we can’t start planning these just yet, I’m feeling pretty positive that when things slowly get back to normal, we’ll be out on our road trips feeling more thankful for our freedom than ever before.

But before we all get too excited when the time comes, and start rushing to our cars and making travel plans without a second thought, remember that driver, road and car safety should be at the forefront of our minds.

As we’re all aware, safety and hygiene are huge factors driving our world right now, and this should remain a focal point when getting back behind the wheel.

So before you go on TripAdvisor and start looking at new places to venture out to, taking your car for a spin, think about your own safety, your own hygiene, your cars safety, and the road ahead of you.

Take a look at the following tips on how to avoid dangerous accidents on the road. Remember, these tips are beneficial to when everything clears up and could save your life someday!

Have an emergency kit with you at all times

Breaking down should be something you guys are always thinking about, but sadly, it’s not always the case. If isolation has taught us anything, we really have to make sure we have neccesary items with us at tough times!

The first one is a mobile phone charger. I know that I for one am guilty of not having a backup in my car. Other items include those that you can easily grab from your house before setting off, like a small torch, water bottles for the family, plasters, hand santizer, blankets, spare jumpers, cables, a tool box and jump leads – should the worst happen!

To help you keep all of the emergency items in one place, just get hold of a small backpack or duffle bag you already have in the house, and fill it with emergency items. If this means buying additional things to add, then do so. Also, don’t forget non-perishable snacks, too!

Keep an eye on tyres

Sometimes you’re not aware of a slow puncture or low pressure of your tyres, before it’s too late. Nothing is worse than getting half way to your desired destination and noticing that the tyres are dragging, leading to a flat tyre or puncture.

There is undoubtedly a pothole problem throughout the UK, and those living in more rural areas of Yorkshire, The Lakes and Cheshire may notice many roads around them are full of holes and uneven road surfaces. Drive down these too quickly and you’ll risk tearing up your tyres.

Poor road surfaces along with traffic issues can mean not a lot of hope for your tyres when planning long trips. For example, Yorkshire’s traffic can be very busy, so in order to be safe in local areas like Wakefield, it’s worth finding a reliable tyre garage to keep in mind. To be safe, you should replace your tyres from a good garage in Wakefield – Ossett Tyre House is a good choice for buying car tyres in Wakefield. You can ring them up here +44 1924 271081.

Reduce distractions

I personally feel that the number one danger on the road is distracted drivers—and this applies to any driver. The main on is mobile phones, and how our addictions are getting the better of us. Keep your mobile phone away from eyesight when driving. If a WhatsApp goes off, or you see an email ping up, the temptation to open it while driving (or even sat at traffic lights) is not worth it.

Another one is kids in the back seat or trying to reach for something that’s out of sight, like snacks! Remember that taking your eyes of the road for even a split second can end in disaster and it is absolutely not worth it.

Be aware of your own car knowledge

If you ask yourself how can I best prepare myself for those road and car dangers, one of the answers lies within yourself. How can you ensure you can handle road and car safety, should the worst happen.

As mentioned above, understanding how to deal with tyre issues is a main one. Another one is understanding how to do a full tyre check yourself, like learning how to check the air pressure and add air to any tyres that are low to get yourself to a garage safely. Most local petrol stations have an air pressure gauge that you can use for cheap.

In addition, make sure that you know how to manually add windshield wiper fluid and understand how to top up your cars oil and water. I’d also recommend brushing up on how to change your windscreen wipes, too!

Anything else that you feel may be important that I’ve missed? Do let me know. And remember guys: always stay safe and hygienic!

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