Beauty: The Most Expensive Facial Treatments

The focus around ‘being beautiful’ is a pretty big deal all around the world, with women everywhere feeling the stresses to keep themselves well looked after, in an increasingly image-oriented world. Whereas I’m all for looking after your skin, hair, beauty and health, there are affordable ways to do it, and it doesn’t have to take over your life.

No matter your budget, these is something for everyone to fit their needs, and good skin care doesn’t need to be expensive. There are amazing products out there developed by dermatologists and skincare professionals and doctors which you can use at home, as well as affordable clinic treatments. I for one try to treat myself to a professional facial at least once a month, and I don’t go crazy with spending.

The photo above is a photo of me wearing no makeup, getting ready to have an intense facial peel to improve my pigmentation from previous acne. It cost around £75 and was an hour long in duration, using a range of extensive peels and exfoliators.

But, in a celebration of the beauty and skincare industry and all the incredible techniques these days, just imagine if you could spend all the money you wanted on good skin care. What would you do?

8 Expensive Facials 

1.Bird Poop Facial at $215

The least expensive on the list, it may be the most outrageous of them. Available at a high-end spa in NYC, this originated in Japan as a beauty treatment practiced for geishas. Apparently, bird poop contains a special enzyme that works exceptionally well for removing dead cells and making skin glow.

2. UMO 24-Carat Gold Facial at $600

Considering you’re actually slathering your face in gold, this one might be worth the money. This treatment begins with an intense face massage with Gamma PGA, a compound with mega hydrating effects. After that, sheets of pure gold are smoothed onto your face as a facial, followed by another massage. The procedure supposedly leaves you with a 24-carat complexion, reducing wrinkles, firming and brightening skin, boosting skin-cell production and ridding your skin of toxins.

3.The Grande Luxe – $750

Grandly luxurious, this treatment lasts a whopping three hours and is available in San Francisco at the Spa Radiance. The treatment begins with applying a cleansing diamond peel for exfoliation and deep cleansing. This is coupled with micro currents that give your face the look of just having a facelift. Next, an amino acid-rich caviar mask is applied to make your face appear plumper. This is finished off by LED light therapy, while another therapist gives you a gentle body massage throughout the lengthy procedure.

4. White Caviar Illuminating Facial – $1000

Expect nothing less fancy from a spa at the New York Ritz-Carlton. This treatment, offered by the La Prairie, uses golden caviar. Apparently, this caviar can diminish age spots and brighten your skin. While this is clearly made for people with a high disposable income, one can still enjoy caviar treatments at half the price. La Prairie offers a caviar spa package that includes an hour-long body massage and a firming facial with caviar, for $495.

5. Vampire Facial – $1500

Another one for the list of outrageous skincare treatments, this one is exactly what it sounds like. A treatment made with blood, namely yours. This strange procedure involves using your own body’s platelet-rich plasma to treat your skin, by extracting a small amount of blood from an area on your arm. The platelets are separated from your blood inside a spinning centrifuge. The blood is then injected back into your face, supposedly giving you a more radiant and glowing complexion.

6. Evian Bath – $5000

While some may feel like they’re “dishing out” to spend on just drinking Evian, others are throwing down an easy 5K to soak in it. This spa treatment involves a facial and a luxurious Evian spring water bath – 1000 liters, to be exact. You can get it in Miami, at Hotel Victor, where your bath will be decorated in hundreds of rose petals, a bottle of champagne, exotic desserts and additional spa treatments.

7. HD Diamond and Ruby Peel – $7000

Gold may be great, but some would rather exfoliate with diamonds. Dreamed up by well-known aesthetician, this treatment involves scrubbing your skin down with the dust of crushed rubies and diamonds. Following that, a lactic acid peel is applied and removed to reveal glowing, luxurious skin. Apparently, rubbing diamonds and rubies against your skin is the secret to a diamond-like glow.

8. Bee Venom Facial – $55,200

Finally, by price alone, this facial treatment is in a league of its own. Almost eight times more expensive than a diamond and ruby treatment, this procedure uses a 1% percent bee venom formula – because large amounts of bee venom can actually be very painful. This super exotic mask is made of lavender oil, manuka honey and shea butter, giving you radiant and young-looking skin. This super high-end product comes at $55, 200 for a bottle that you can use at home, but you can grab yourself a smaller jar of 50ml for just $112.

As costly as these amazing treatments are, they may not be any more effective than the very ingredients found in your own kitchen or bathroom cabinet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream, while we stick to our skincare regimen like best cleanser for acne and other great treatments for skin that won’t break our budgets.

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  1. March 29, 2019 / 10:14 am

    There is best collection of facials in this blog. I have used umo gold facial and it provides a soft, supple skin. I will try some other from this list. Thanks for sharing.

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