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So 2018 has arrived, and I’ve successfully gotten through the first week, phew! How has it been for all of you guys? I hope the first week has been a lovely, goal-filled week, full of making plans and feeling hopefully about the rest of the year. But if if hasn’t been, and you feel a little stuck, then don’t worry – it’s totally normal.

There’s so much pressure surrounding a brand new year, and there are no rules to say you need to have your life plans in order. Just treat it as a fresh beginning…

To be honest, my first week hasn’t been an easy, relaxed, easing-myself-into the year week. But those who know me will know that’s rarely a stance I follow anyway!

I’m in the process of moving to Newcastle-Under-Lyme, just at the border of Cheshire, so myself and Martin have been crazy busy with all the usual house-tasks: stripping walls (I hate this task), wallpapering, updating the living room, painting, taking beds and furniture out of the rooms, bringing all my stuff in, getting the carpets done… and not the mention the need of a whole new bathroom. But that’s for another day!

So I guess you could say the term ‘new beginnings’ couldn’t be more fitting…

I have a few exciting plans in the pipeline for 2018, but I have to keep a couple of them under wraps for the time being. However, I’ve focused much more on my bridal makeup bookings, as I know January is a key time for 2018 brides to start booking in their makeup artists. I’m actually looking pretty busy this year, with the majority of Saturdays booked up now for the Summer!

I’m also saving up to get new equipment for a camera so I can start to properly vlog. I had a go over Christmas, but the Canon camera I have just doesn’t quite do the job. I also want to get my hands on a MacBook Pro, apparently they have the best software for editing YouTube videos? Does any one have any recommendations here? If so, please do drop me a line/comment!

With a lot going on, its important to me that I have the right yearly planner with me at all times. This week, I managed to get my hands on what I would call the prettiest and most motivational 2018 planner I could have asked for: my new rose coloured Ponderlily Planner, a diary for those who have busy lives but want to make time for well-being and a work/life balance.

As well as it looking super cute and girly, it’s the perfect A5 sized diary which gives me space to write notes per day, in weekly chunks. For £25, it’s become my little trusted companion for the year, giving me the following:

  • Hour-by-hour break down of each day.
  • A ‘Monthly Road Map’ to put aspirations broken down to include things like family, finances and relaxation for the month.
  • Room to reflect each week on goals, habits and positive outcomes.
  • Elegant and eco-conscious design.
  • It’s design and style are aimed to help you move seamlessly from meetings to food shopping.
  • Two page marker ribbons to help you move between access.
  • Beautiful quotation pages scattered through the planner.

I have to say that it’s inspirational quotes which kick-start each new month is an extra I really appreciate with this planner. Sometimes, we just get too busy to stop and think about giving ourselves a motivational push – those inspiring words or positive reminders are sometimes all we need to spur us on!

As well as using this planner to keep my work plans all in one place, I also love how this diary has spaces for ‘friends and family’, ‘well being, ‘relaxation’ and beyond. For me, seeing this page at the start of each new month helps me gather my thoughts about the other areas of my life. How much time do I want to set aside to pampering myself? How much time can I put in this month to give family members a visit or plan a day out?

Sometimes, with me in particularly, I really need to see these options written down in order to start planning in me time. Because yes, work may be super important, but my health and well-being is also just as much up there!

With Valentines Day and Mothers Day coming up soon, these Ponderlily planners make super gorgeous gifts for gal pals and Mothers. They also come available in a fresh linen shade and blue, to suit different personalities. For me, rose won all the way…

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