Beauty: Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder Makeup Collection

Want to recreate the impeccable makeup looks of  Victoria Beckham? Well now you can. Teaming up with Estée Lauder, stunning style icon and revered fashion designer Victoria Beckham has created a limited-edition make-up collection, called simply, Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder.

I managed to sample a number of products from the beautiful collection, which I have to say first of all is the most elegantly packaged makeup range I have had land on my beauty editor desk for a long long time. But what else would you expect from Mrs Beckham?

Like the initial release (she first launched the first collection a year or so ago) this new collection is inspired by some of Beckham’s favourite cities, including London and Miami. There are skin perfectors, colourful eyeshadow quads, smudgy black eyeliners, highlighters, matt lipsticks – the products cover all bases.

It’s nice to see that a few personal favourites from the original launch, including the radiance-boosting Morning Aura Illuminating Crème and the Eye Foils have made a comeback, but there is also plenty of newness.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Eye Matte Duo, £48

These bright and colourful eye matte duos are all about bringing in new colours and changing up your colour scheme. The pairing of bold brights and deep matte shades work together in an unusual way, bringing both warmth and cool tones to switch up your routing.

This Saphir and Orange duo brings orange and navy together, to create a pop of fresh, modern colour, but also to me gives that 60’s sassy vibe too. Apparently it’s inspired by the vibe of New York City.

Eye Foil Blonde Gold £28

So this breakthrough liquid eyeshadow is my very favourite. The Blonde Gold Eye Foil shade is gorgeous – a white gold metallic, shimmery and glittery finish, without any tackiness. Just a smooth, vinyl-like finish, even after it’s dried. It’s packed with sparkling pearl pigments so that when applied to the lids, you get these stunning flecks of gold giving a flash metal effect.

I lightly dab onto my own eyelids with fingertips, but apply with a small liner brush on clients and build up intensity. Plus, it has 12-hour wear, its non-creasing, non-flaking, and sweat- and humidity-resistant. Perfect!

Eye Kajal Slack Saffron/Vanille £30

The softest, smudgy-ist (is that even a word?) double-ended, exceptionally creamy eyeliner, which offers a potent black pencil and an eye-opening ivory. I find this eye kajal pencil absolutely striking for creating a smudgy, “imperfect” look. The black end is incredibly inky!

A wearing suggestion could be for day wear, line the waterline with ‘Vanille’, adding ‘Black Saffron’ for evening. Or, like I have done below, apply the paler hue inside the corners of the eyes for a wide-eyed finish and draw the darker shade along the lower lash line to add definition.

You can go crazy with the pencil though, shading in the top eyelid with the black end and setting with eyeshadow for the most dramatic smokey eye to date! I’ll have to try this in the form of a tutorial…

Eye Metals Blonde Gold £36

Firstly, this little compact with its dashing black cover and shiny mirror is literally the most stylish compact in my kit right now. Victoria Beckham and Estee Lauder have really gone to town with getting the packaging just right here. This Blonde Gold Eye Metal is filled with pearlescent glistening gold tones and pigments, giving a vinyl like finish to the lids. If you apply to the corners of the eyes, it widens them instantly and brightens up the eye area.

I’ve layered this shade up over a deep bronze for an evening out, giving my eyes that extra sparkle. That’s probably the main thing I love about this, it’s beautifully striking on its own but its even better layered up over bronzes and deep browns. Any eye shades that add a subtle sheen always win me over, as had this one from first application. You can shop it here.

Eye Ink Black Myrrh £36

Another compact eye shadow, but with a touch more rawness and edginess to it. Now this shade is intense – it’s a smokey almost-black shade with a touch of pearl, giving off a glistening finish. It’s meant to be layered up and smudged in to create a dramatic evening smokey eye, which you could wear alone all over the lids, or layered up over black eyeliner.

I tried it layered up over a smoked grey shade and it was fantastic – just very intense so use with caution! The perfect must have makeup bag essential for girls who just cant help but rock a smokey black eye on nights out. Check it out here.

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