Beauty: Pixi Rose Tonic Review and New Products

Last month, myself and a handful of Manchester beauty influencers attended a lovely dinner and cocktail making session with the team from Pixi. For those of you who don’t know, I used to be a Beauty PR manager for numerous online beauty retailers for a good 5/6 years before taking the leap to become a full time influencer.

It was during my 5/6 years working across online beauty that I got really familiar with the Pixi beauty brand. And not only did I fall in love with the Pixi Glow Tonic and make it my staple go-to (although I’ve ran out right now so life is BAD!), I also discovered their makeup range.

Alongside being an influencer, I do bridal makeup during my weekends, so I’m always seeking new makeup products from a range of brands to keep adding to my kit. The Pixi fixing mist is an essential one for me at the moment, for setting the makeup on my bridal parties faces, but during my dinner with the brand, I was over the moon to discover some fantastic new items too.

Who knew Pixi had the most stunning, glitzy eye shadow in a stick? The ‘Liquid Fairy Lights’ Glimmery Shadow stood out to me straight away, and just from picking up the box and having a read of it’s packaging, I knew I was going to LOVE this one.

Available in 5 dazzling shades, these long wearing, liquid glimmer eyeshadows are designed to light up the eyes with super sparkles to create an ethereal look. Plus, they are infused with chamomile and rose extracts to soothe and hydrate your eyes too. You can either dab straight on using the brush onto bare lids, or apply over eyeshadow for a touch of glimmer.

And whilst we’re talking about all things shimmery – just take a look at this incredible highlighter duo!

Another fabulous new Pixi product I became introduced to were the gorgeous Glow-y Gossamer Duos. A £20 duo palette containing two luminous miracle powders which lighten, brighten & add the prettiest glow, all while looking natural on the skin.

The duo I got to take away with me to try was in shade Delicate Dew, a pinky shade along with a matching bronze. The pinkier shade sits subtle enough on my upper cheeks – above my bronzer where the light catches.

And so far, I’ve enjoyed using the darker shade lightly buffed into my matte bronzer on my cheekbones, to transform a flatter, matte contour to more of a shimmer.

But lets not forget the new skincare discovering. As mentioned above, I swear by the Pixi Glow Tonic – a glycolic acid rich toner which improves pigmentation, texture and skin exfoliation to reveal newer, fresher skin.

I also find that by using the Glow Tonic, the products and treatments I use after it seem to work harder, as the tonic purifies the skin and accelerates cell renewal. So, there infront of me at the Pixi dinner was a new one for me – the Rose Tonic.

To be used after cleansing in the AM and PM, this Rose Hydrosol based toner aims to hydrate and neutralise the skin. It nnormalises the hydration levels and gently removes any impurities, with a refreshing rose scent. It’s super soothing and rich in nutrients, helping to tone, balance pH and calm redness. So a bit more of a soothing, hydrating toner in comparison.

And then there’s the Rose Cleanser, another new creation infusing rose. It’s a cream cleanser base, aimed to be soothing, and gentle to the skin whilst cleansing away impurities.¬† The nourishing cream cleanser is rich in mineral mud to deep clean the skin along with helping to strengthen & soften.

Along with rose, it also features hero ingredient avocado. I’ve tried this cleanser myself at home and it’s a dreamy product – like one of those cleansers for an indulgent experience. Thick, rich and creamy with a lovely light scent. Plus, it leaves your skin super soft as it’s really nourishing too!

I was pleasantly surprised which how fab the selection of new launches were. I mean, I already knew I was a Pixi fan, but I was very regimented to the products I had tried and tested before, without giving too much thought into any new launches.

But wow, they have some lovely new skincare and makeup products, all of a high quality and not too expensive either. I’d say Pixi retails at a mid market level – the products aren’t cheap, but they aren’t overly expensive and you actually get great value when you consider the ingredients and effectiveness (and also the gorgeous packaging!).

The photos below show me layering my smokey quartz eyeshadow from Stila with the Liquid Fairy Lights eyeshadow in shade Rose Gold. Look how pigmented it is! Literally a firm favourite in my occasion makeup kit now…

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