Fashion: Why Now Is The Best Time For Fashion Designers

Fashion designers have a unique life. They live in a word where they turn their passion into art that can be seen across the world.  We live in a world where it is socially acceptable to be your own person with your own style and persona.

Fashion designers take advantage of this new world to earn a living, creating wearable collections which reflect a range of styles, themes and trends. They take inspiration from everywhere: be it travelling to exotic countries, the rawer, less fortunate cities, and the most glamorous, stunning climates of the world.

Choosing a career as a fashion designer is potentially the most incredible career when you can make it a way of life, or something you can make a living from doing and be happy at the same time. New emerging fashion designers easily fall in that category. With the way the online retailing world is going, it’s becoming easier for self-taught designers to get their designs out their via social media, showcasing their work to the masses.

When shopping, we sometimes forget to look past the big, familiar named brand labels, to see that there are indeed so many new emerging designers that are just hoping for the opportunity to be seen on the big screen or catwalks. You can sometimes see smaller, emerging fashion designers and their collections appear in the more coveted, unique rails at the back of the big name stores, where their collections are added to the more popular retailers brands, for customers to discover.

The big name brands will often monitor sales of these newer, upcoming brands, and tailor whether they can give these designers more of a bigger push, depending on sales.

With social media and online news constantly making sure that the public know what the celebs are wearing, whether it’s for a huge event, like a movie premier, or even a trip to the gym we are constantly hearing about famous designers.And more so now then ever before, we’re hearing a lot of smaller, unknown names coming up – the designers of the future, perhaps.

In the right moment, new designers can garner as much publicity and respect as one who has existed for years.  Many new artists in various aspects of style are making a name for themselves more easily than ever before. They may only be seen once or twice, but just being noticed can change their lives (and careers!) forever.

Changing the way the public sees new designers is so much easier thanks to social media and acceptance than just being a label. Because of social media, if Beyoncé steps out wearing a new designer, the whole world will know. Fans will then go on the hunt to buy clothing from the designer.  Because if it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for the rest of the ladies!

With the rise of social media, influencer gifting and celebrity endorsement, it’s now common to see new, emerging designers on the most famous catwalks around the globe. So in short, there has never been a better time to think about a career as a fashion designer!

Designers that have been in the business for decades are finding themselves relying more on emerging artists to be mentored by them, so that they can stay current and on top of design trends. Staying fresh in the fashion world is crucial, so bringing in new talent is a must.

The best way to get into fashion design is to take up the traditional qualification route – whether it be to study an intensive fast track course in fashion design, or to take on a 3/4 year degree course, that includes industry experience.

Network along the way and don’t be afraid to intern – the more experience you have, the better.

And then, get yourself out there on social media. Work with fashion bloggers and talent agencies – get your designs in the hands of the right people. The people with reach, with engagement, and an audience like the ones you are trying to attract.

There’s never been a time like it!

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