Beauty: Lee Stafford Wonderball Waver and Hair Products Review

I have always had positive feelings towards the Lee Stafford haircare range, ever since my sister and one of my good friends religiously use the Bleach Blonde range. They use it regularly to give their blonde locks that trendy touch of silver that most people are sporting these days, and rave about the results. There’s nothing cool about brassy yellow hair, and this particular product seems to be a winner for keeping their locks fresh and healthy.

As my hair is often highlighted and quite badly heat/colour damaged, I wanted to give some products a whirl from the Lee Stafford brand, and see how they can rescue my hair. The products are available across high street stores such as Superdrug and Boots, therefore are much more in my price range than costly salon brands.

lee stafford wonderball waver
As you can see from above, Lee Stafford are also becoming a popular name for electrical hair appliances, retailing items such as hairdryers, straighteners, stylers and wavers, with a dedicated website. The product I’m reviewing in today’s post is the My Wonderball Waver with an Argan Oil from Morroco infused barrel, to create tousled waves and curls. It looks slightly different from usual curling tongues and wavers, as the actual barrel resembles a row of ‘bubbles’ in which you wrap strands of hair around to create a wave. A little different than usual, but it actually creates fantastic results.

The Argan Oil infused in the barrel aims to make it easier to achieve shiny, well conditioned beach waves, nourishing the hair at the same time as styling it. The waver heats up very quickly, and I found I only needed to hold each strand of hair around the barrel for around ten seconds before releasing and revealing a glossy, smooth wave. A very simple hair tool to use, resulting in a nice set of simple waves. To me, it makes it nicer to use when you know in the back of your mind that this is actually an appliance that aims to care for your hair too.

And speaking of caring for the hair…

lee stafford products
lee stafford breaking hair
I have currently added these three little gems to my hair care regime, so have a read below to see what I think:

Breaking Hair Leave-In Treatment: This is aimed for those with over-processed, colour damaged and damaged hair, to try and help to transform into smooth and healthy hair. We all know it takes more than a few uses of a leave-in conditioner to do this, but with the right one, it can certainly get your hair on track. This product has a complex of Soy, Amino Acids and replenishing lipids, aiming to restore strength whilst smoothing the cuticle. I love applying this to towel dried hair and then just leaving it to work it’s magic. Another added bonus to this treatment is a UV filter to protect hair from UV damage, ideal for the Summer months. It also contains Jojoba Oil- an ingredient known for it’s moisturising properties. So far, I’ve been using this every other hair wash and I feel it has helped with a sleek, frizz free finish once I have blow dried. My hair is fairly damaged, so I’m hoping with continued use this is going to help get my frazzled over-highlighted hair back on track!

Treatment: This is my new holy grail of hair conditioners! It’s a fairly heavy product therefore I limit useage to once or twice a week and apply after shampooing. I massage this into my hair and leave for around five minutes, and wash out thoroughly. It smells absolutely divine – it’s so sweet and fruity! This is a really good treatment to use on hair a number of times a week if your hair is in a fairly bad condition and wants a rapid turn around. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t radically change the condition within a week or two, but with continued use I noticed the manageability improved by half, making my hair feel stronger and a lot more smoother after a couple of uses.

My Big Fat Hair Texturised Super Spray: Now this is a super cool product. It’s a complete mix of a hairspray, a volume spray, a sea salt spray, a wax spray… it literally has so many uses! You basically shake it up so that the contents turn into a liquid, and spray onto dry hair when you wish to create a voluminous, matte look. Think of those days when you have dried your hair, and just want to rake your hands through to create bigger, fuller, messy-sexy hair. Well this is the product! I have very fine hair, so although I enjoy using this, I find it works bets for me when I have already added in a little bit of a heated wave, and then this spray sets the look and plumps up the hair a little, thus setting it too. If you have thick hair, this spray will be much better to just use straight after blow drying! The matte finish helps give a natural look, so it doesn’t look like you have sprayed with hairspray. It’s main use is to give hair that ‘oompth’ and create ‘bigness’ – definitely worth experimenting with!

lee stafford wonderball waver
wonderball waver lee stafford

Overall, the My Wonderball Waver used in conjunction with the Lee Stafford hair care products has gave me a first hand experience of how much I love this brand. Everything from the packaging, the scent, the results and the prices (products are around £6-£9) make this brand totally up my street. You can see below some of the final looks all these products in conjunction with each other create!

emma campbell
emma campbell
I’m really looking forward to continuing to use these products, and will possibly be branching out to try some of the other lines too, such as the Hair Growth and Oily Roots, Dry Ends ranges too.

Have you ever used the Lee Stafford range?

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  1. June 16, 2015 / 10:18 am

    Your hair does look really amazing, I wish I had your length! My hair is barely past my shoulders but I love having it wavy!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

    • June 16, 2015 / 11:19 am

      Thanks so much Mary-ann, what a nice compliment. I’ve been trying to grow it since March (my last hair cut!) and I’m going to leave it until August I think for my next trim!

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