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Differing from no other month, June is so far fast become crazy busy. As many of you will know by now, the blog is also a boutique as well as a place to come for fashion and beauty news, and June has really been taking off. It’s such an exciting time! As well as juggling the boutique and blog with daily life, there’s a number of things I’ve been exploring throughout June…

1. Festival Beauty
So those of you in Manchester will know that the past week or so has seen so many outdoor music events in a short space of time. Last week saw The Courteeners play at Heaton Park, followed by Parklife Festival for the entire weekend too. Glastonbury is just a sweet little week away, followed by lots of other exciting music festivals across the UK. Models Own are bringing the fun into festivals this Summer with their collection of Festival cosmetics – coloured hair spray, face paint, lipstick and fun nail polishes, all named after summer festival inspired associations.

festival beauty
models own polish

I’m currently playing around with the Neon Pink Hair Spray, Silver Face Paint, and the uber cool Pink Wellies and Green Fields Nail Polish. Who said you need to follow fashion rules at a festival? Colour clashing and mixing up neon brights is all part of the fun – not something you can usually do come Winter! You can see more of this funky little range here.

2. Green Lightning
Although I am conscious about leading a healthy lifestyle by ensuring my intake of fruit and vegetables is high, it’s easy to let it slip when a busy week comes along. Lots of blogger and press events mixed with work means lunch on the go, glasses of prosecco and canapés before crashing in bed around midnight with some stodgy carbohydrates to soak up the fizz. I was recently introduced to Nature’s Plus Source of Life Green Lightening – a power packed high energy formulation which can be added to water. Containing fruits, vegetables, algae and herbs, these vitamin packed sachets provide lots of nutrition and aim to give that all needed boost of energy. You can purchase this from NutriCentre, or have a read for more information.

green lightning

3. Strella Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
I know I keep going on about Coconut Oil and it’s ‘magical’ powers, but I honestly can’t stop raving about it, so here we go again with another positive mention. This time over, I’m using coconut oil from Strella, and I started off with a sweet little mini pot that I can carry around with me. These little pots of coconut oil are perfect for skincare regimes on the go, providing intensive hydration, vitamin E, healthy hair care, nail care and much much more. There are so many skincare benefits to this wonderful oil, and you can read much more about my thoughts here in a recent post I put together.

strella coconut oil
The latest way I have incorporating organic virgin coconut oil into my diet recently has been via hummus – not the most common of creations, I know. I usually make homemade hummus using chickpeas, garlic, salt, herbs and olive oil, but last week I tried this recipe switching the olive oil with coconut oil. If you like your dips to have a ‘sweeter kick’, then trust me with this that this little cooking creation is fantastic! If I do say so myself, it makes the nicest hummus ever tasted. Strella retail organic virgin coconut oil is various sizes, so if you just wish to try a small sample first then this is possibly a good place to shop this. Take a look at the website here.

4. Spring Clean –
OK so we all know what we are supposed to do come Spring. Yes that’s right – carry out a huge Spring Clean. The kind that takes up the whole of your Sunday, leaving you covered in dust, with achy arms, and a shattered body once you have finished. I’m not the lazy type, I’ll thoroughly clean my apartment when it needs doing, but the start of June was just a ridiculously busy time for me. So this is where I called in Specialising in home cleaning, the website matches you with professional, local and trusted cleaners from the area to come into your home and carry out a clean based on how many hours you think are needed. As my apartment needed a fairly good clean, myself and my flatmate arranged a three hour clean during the day. The cleaner turned up on time, was polite and friendly, and we left her to blitz the place from top to toe for the time period selected. We were left with a sparkling clean apartment, which was amazing seeing as neither myself or my flatmate had much free time to do this ourselves.

If you are looking for a good Spring Clean just in time for the Summer months to kick in (Summer is the time that dirty windows and mucky floors get shown up more from the sun shining through!) then why not take a look at Hassle? The prices are reasonable, and you can chose if you wish for the dedicated cleaner to bring their own equipment at an extra cost, or whether you provide.

5. MEN Coverage
And last but not least – hooray to the coverage in the Manchester Evening News, discussing my new dress boutique. The MEN covered the local story of how I have been blogging for nearly six years, and have just turned my blog into a boutique as well as a fashion and beauty news site. It discusses my future plans for the business, and new design ideas for upcoming collections. The feature also touches on my background in the fashion industry and my goals behind the boutique launch. It’s a lovely piece, and I’d like to thank the journalist, Sarah Walters, for putting together such a nice write up. You can see it live here.

whatemmadid dresses
emma campbell manchester evening news
emma campbell manchester evening news
I expect the rest of June to be just as busy! Keep a look out for a July round-up next month which will highlight the things I’ve been discovering for the new month…

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