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As we had the first signs of a mini heatwave over the weekend, I decided that today’s post should be based on sharing my Summer goals and aims. So I wanted to see what aims you guys may have set yourselves for the Summer 2015 season too. I like to set goals in Summer more than any other time of the year, as it’s a much nicer season to kick start things such as dieting, working out, trying for a toned body, gradually tanning your body, eating healthier, change your hair, looking after your skin…. changing your life even…(a bit extreme maybe!)

I’ve kept it quite simple, but the things I am trying to do from now on are highlighted below:
1. Grow out the blonde highlights and bleach build up in my hair for healthier, shinier and hopefully thick hair
2. Switch my everyday foundation for CC cream for a lighter application
3. Look into more gentle hair removing products, and spend more time using them, rather than shaving in a rush.
4. Start incorporating more vegetables into my diet, which are supposed to aid faster and healthier hair growth

The photograph above is an un-retouched, un-edited photograph of myself facing natural daylight, wearing just CC cream instead of foundation. I have recently left my MAC Studio Fix for the more important, dressier occasions where I need a fuller face of coverage, and my beloved Arbonne CC cream will now be my go-to product for everyday use. It’s really light yet has such a lovely coverage, that I feel I can quickly get used to this change. I feel like I’m really helping my skin by wearing this instead of heavy duty foundations. By making this switch now it’s Summer, I hope that by come Winter, my skin won’t need the thicker coverage I once piled on everyday.

In terms of my aim to start eating more vegetables to encourage healthier and faster hair growth, I started this journey towards the end of May, and even made sure when I ate out for my Birthday meal that the food I ordered contained vegetables and red meat – a great source of iron. Iron is so important for the health of your hair. We went to Nutters restaurant in Rochdale (Greater Manchester – although I have heard Andrew Nutter has a few fine dining restaurants around the UK), and as you can see from the photos below, I indulged in tomato soup, a side of peas and other flavoured vegetables, and a hearty meal of roasted duck, veggies and potatoes…

nutters restaurant
nutters restaurant
nutters restaurant
I am really trying to spend a lot more ‘me’ time with my Summer beauty regimes this year, and as the aims outlined above seem heavily focused on hair, I wanted to share with you a new product range I’m looking at using this Summer (and hopefully if I master the art of spending time on myself, it will continue into Winter). I regular rush in the shower, especially when shaving my legs and underarms, and sometimes when I am in such a rush I even – god forbid – dry shave if I desperately have to. This has left me committing the worst beauty crime and causing the following nightmares: dry legs, flaky skin, cuts… and flaky false tan!

So the new range I am really intrigued to try is the natural Nair Argan Oil collection  – a breakthrough in hair removal that really cares for skin. The unique formula features the natural, restorative ingredient of Argan Oil, encouraging the most softest, silkiest and hair free skin. This is exactly what I need for Summer, but even the applying process helps to let you give yourself ‘me’ time, so this is exactly what I’m going to do. It will be nice to apply some nice, skin-caring hair removal products, and pop my feet up for ten minutes or so just relaxing before I remove the product (and the unwanted hairs of course).

nair argan oil
From body wax strips and face wax strips, to roll on wax and bikini brush on’s, the collection has everything to ensure a successful silky smooth, hair-free body. I really want to get my hands on the Bikini and Underarm Glide On wax with Argan Oil, which has a fuss-free application of simply gliding on the wax, and washing off after 10 minutes. I love using Argan Oil for beautifying- I’ve been using it in my hair products and body moisturisers for the past year, so it really makes sense to start having this vital softening and moisturising oil in my hair removal regime too. If you are not too familiar with this wonderful oil, it is basically a plant oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree that is endemic to Morocco. As well as being used as a cooking oil in Morocco (dipping in breads and drizzling over salads), it is also wowing the beauty industry in the UK, making skin and haircare products that extra bit amazing.

Read more about this skin-saving new range here, and check out the full product collections too – I bet there is a product you could easily add to your Summer beauty care range!

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