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If you have spent some time on What Emma Did this week, you’ll have seen I put together a blog post all about my favourite make-up brushes (if not, check it out here if you’re also a makeup brush buff!). To me, I see makeup brushes more as ‘tools’ – tools which help us to sculpt and create the face we want to achieve. OK so make-up brushes are never going to work miracles, no matter how amazing they are and how skilled we are when using them, they won’t create a new face (oh how I wish they would on some days!), but they came work some sort of magic!

For example, I notice such a different when I apply foundation and concealer via good quality brushes rather than my fingers. I also have my angled blusher brush to thank for those razor sharp chiseled cheeks that sometimes appear. I actually have more of a round/square shape face, and without make-up I have absolutely no trace of cheekbones whatsoever!

The same can be said for eye make-up. Without a good collection of shading brushes and precision brushes, I’d never be able to create the eyeshadow looks I can create on a daily basis. And don’t even get me started on brows. I’ve only just switched up from using a brow pencil to a brow brush last month, and I am noticing a huge difference to how neat, shaped and filled in they are looking…

get the gloss

When I heard that Get The Gloss – a website dedicated to all things beauty and make-up – have launched a dedicated make-up brush guide, I was overly happy. At last, an online guide explaining to everyone about the uses of make-up brushes, the history, and tips from the experts. I honestly believe that when a girl is armed with the right ‘kit’, she can tackle anything. And this definitely is the mantra I have for make-up brushes!

get the gloss guide
The guide has been created by Get The Gloss columnist Anna Hunter, along with advice quotes from top makeup artists Lee Pycroft, Justine Jenkins and Lou Dartford. In this exclusive downloadable guide, you’ll find:

44 pages of expert-led advice and tried and tested reviews
A history of brushes and tools
The pros and cons of natural and synthetic brushes
The tools and applicators that will revolutionise your beauty routine
The best methods, gadgets and products for brush cleaning
The latest makeup brush and tool development and technology set to change the face of makeup artistry…

get the gloss guide

The Ultimate Guide To Makeup Brushes and Tools retails at £4.95 and can be downloaded from the GTG E-Guide Marketplace. Take a look here for more information. Let me know what you guys think!

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