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For those who aren’t familiar with the Duck & Dry hair care brand, it’s the stylish brand behind the finest blow dries in London. As many of you know, I’m from Manchester, so I sadly haven’t been lucky enough to experience the salon first hand. However, I have been lucky enough to experience the launch of their beautifully packaged, fuss-free haircare and styling essentials, that help recreate the famous Duck & Dry blow dry at home.

The brand keeps to it’s British heritage by creating their innovative formula ideas in London, and having them masterfully crafted in Somerset. These blow dry specific hair products state that they use natural active ingredients fused with modern science that deliver real results whilst being kind to the hair, all of which are paraben and sulphate free. That’s always an important one for me, as I’m becoming much more aware of using products which don’t contain any nasties. The launch includes a six part collection, in which I now own the initial two products: Blow Dry in a Bottle, to create blow dry finished locks from your home, and Instant TLC, a magical leave-in conditioner to wave goodbye to straggly manes. Both are packed with Duck & Dry’s signature fragrance, which infuses touches of Wild English Meadows to lightly fragrance the hair…
After two weeks of incorporating these products into my hair care regime, I’ve rounded up some personal opinions of the two. If you can’t fit regular professional blow dries into your busy life (like myself, who rarely gets the time to book in for such luxury!) then I think you’ll possibly be impressed with my opinions…

Instant TLC: As the name suggests, this bottle aims to deliver tender loving care to the hair in the form of a leave in conditioner. The spray is enriched with natural active ingredients and essential oils, such as Ylang Ylang, Shea Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil, all known for softening and moisturising properties. I’ve simply been spritzing this onto damp hair and blow drying, and have noticed that with continued use, the concoction repairs, conditions and tames  hair without weighing it down. Luckily I don’t suffer from too much frizz – just a lot of dry and damaged areas – and the leave-in conditioner seems to leave hair super smooth and frizz free finish. What I do love the most about this product though is it’s abilities to detangle the hair. My hair is really fine and bleached, so it ends up in matted mess. A couple of sprays of this Instant TLC combed through before blow-drying has significantly reduced the amount of unruly tangles. Love this product!

Blow Dry in a Bottle – Mega Volume Spray: OK so I am always dubious about any product which claims to be a blow dry in a bottle. The task itself is fairly impossible for me, as my hair just simply will not lift. Like, really not exaggerating here, it literally won’t take any bounce. However, I can notice the different in terms of a more fuller look to my hair when I have had a blow dry, so this was the kind of result I was looking for from this product. Firsty, this spray product is beautifully scented, aiming to build volume, give a weightless lift and add texture. It’s also packed with natural active ingredients that bring goodness to your hair, delivering conditioning and shine. I spray this on after the Instant TLC, and let that settle into my hair for a while, and then spritz on the mega volume spray. I spray it all over, but mainly concentrating on the roots and the underneath. If I use this product and tip my head upside down whilst drying, I have noticed my hair has that little more ‘oomph’ than it usually would. It feels super conditioned and that bit more fuller. I reckon those out there with thicket hair may notice even more of a result than I!

Both products are luxury, good quality hair care conditioners and cost £18 each, available at Duck and Dry.

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