Beauty: Arbonne CC Cream Review + Other Product Discoveries!

Fed up of wearing a full face of foundation everyday? I feel you. Even though I’m a makeup artist, that feeling of putting my foundation, concealer and setting powder on everyday fills me with dread. And not because I don’t not love wearing it. I mean, foundation is my saviour.

More because it’s so time consuming getting the full coverage I want, and then I feel so ‘full faced’ and heavy all day.

But up until now, BB or CC creams just never seemed to cut it. I never felt satisfied from the coverage, so it’s always just been foundation for me. However, I’ve just started using the Arbonne CC Cream and it’s actually fantastic! I discovered it around 2 weeks ago and I’m literally loving it.

Here’s a little tutorial and talk about it…

I follow a girl on Instagram called Emma Finch who retails Arbonne, you can find her here, and she’s super helpful and passionate about the Arbonne brand.

I’ve also been giving some of the other products a good go at too. So far, I’ve been playing around with the Sheer Glow Highlighter Stick, their It’s A Long Story Mascara, and their Makeup Primer.

I have to say, the quality of these products are really impressive, which is what I was expecting from such a premium brand. They don’t come cheap: the CC cream comes in at £34, and you have light, medium of dark to pick from. I use Medium, even though as you’ll see from my video, it’s darker than my actual skin colour.

I just love blending down to my neck though and warming up my complexion, and now it’s Summer and my freckles are here, it’s nicer to have that extra warmth to my skin.

As for the Highlighter stick, the Sheer Glow, its a new products and retails at £49. It’s so handy and easy to apply. The bronze side glides onto the contours of the face with ease, and I use a buffing brush to blend in.

The highlight end is more of a pinky white shimmery glow, and I have just been dabbing into on with my finger, and setting with a touch of my gold shimmer MAC highlighter powder to intensify it on days I want more of the WOW.

The Primer is a product I’ve tried out on me and loved it a lot from the very first go – so much so I’ve transported this straight into my Makeup Artist kit for my bridal clients.

It’s sooooo smooth to apply to the skin, and it kinda gives that blurred, soft, filtered effect to the skin before you apply foundation.

It comes with a price tag of £32 and you literally need two very small pumps of the product for the full face, so it’s going to last you ages!

Very happy to discover these items and the Arbonne brand…

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