Beauty: The Fragrances I’m Bringing on Holiday With Me

So next week I head off to Portugal for a week, and along with all my beach clothes, holiday makeup etc etc… there’s something else I always have debates with myself about. Fragrance packing!

The thing is, lets be honest, we get quite sweaty on holiday and often need that little bit more fragrance than we usually wear. But it’s not really ideal to carry my loveliest Summer perfume around with me all day, and spritz it on whilst I’m spread out on my beach.

So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to whittle down my holiday fragrances to one premium perfume I’ll use for the evenings, and one lightweight, sweet scented spritz I can carry around in the day and mist on when I need refreshing.

Lets start with my evening scent I’ll be bringing with me. I currently use two fragrances regularly at the moment, and they are Miller Harris Tender, and Giorgio Armani Si. Both deliciously scented but very different.

Si by Giorgio Armani is a combination of chic, sultry, intense and soft at the same time. It combines an inflection of three accords: blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre and light musky wood. It also has top notes of Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin oil and blackcurrant liqueur which is supported with bursts of Rose May, Neroli and Egyptian Jasmine. However, it’s finished with a sweet scent of Vanilla which makes me love it – I can’t get enough of Vanilla.

But, as my daytime spritz is a very sweet scent, I decided to chose my Miller Harris Tender scent for this holiday, due to it being so different. It’s a real bold one and one I really treasure at the moment…

Tender is more seductive and alluring, yet delicate at the same time. It’s deeper than the Si fragrance, but with an unexpected freshness from sparkling pink pepper and green hyacinth, making it ideal for holidays.

It combines a floral concoction of black tulips, peonies and luxuriant saffron, with the intensity of mauve stemmed roses. You also get that lingering warmth of dusky notes from the frankincense, musk and soft leather. Some describe this as a very seductive scent, which is more than ideal for evening wear!

Jumping across to my daytime option, it’s no other than the stylish, modern and fun fragrance from fashion retailer Missguided, Unicorn Dreams. Now I’m a sucker for a super sickly sweet scent, and I’d say that this one fits the bill. It’s very girly, very feminine, making it more of a daytime choice for me.

But because the mist itself is so cooling, refreshing and lightweight, I realised this is actually a great holiday choice. If unicorns had a smell, I bet this is exactly what they would smell like.

Plus, how cute is the packaging? A girly girl like myself loves a good pinker-than-pink chunky bottle, and this one looks super pretty in any handbag, beach bag, or bathroom shelf!

It’s packaging is also a chunky, durable plastic which means it’s OK if this gets dropped around a little bit when carrying it around in a holiday backpack or beach bag. It isn’t going to smash like my other delicate glass bottles (and I can be super clumsy when I get hot on holiday!).

It’s nice to have a mix of luxury, premium fragrances and then the more fun, affordable scents, so I feel like I’ve got the balance just right here.

The Miller Harris Tender fragrance retails at around £140 for 100ml, making it than extra special fragrance I save for occasions. And lets face it, a holiday abroad is exactly that – an occasion.

However, the Missguided Unicorn Dreams spray costs just £10 for 290ml, meaning you can go crazy with spritzing!

In case you’re keen on knowing the full notes that the Unicorn Dreams is packed with, I’ll share them here: it’s a fresh a scent filled with coconut, lily of the valley and rose. It has base notes of dry amber, sandalwood and vanilla, and top notes of fruity apple, coconut, pineapple, red fruits. And of course, there are middle notes! These include jasmin, lily of the valley, and rose.

No worries here about not being the nicest smelling lady in Portugal next week…

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