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So today’s blog post takes on a bit of an unusual angle for me, but it’s something I’m quite excited about. Ghosts and spirits: who out there believes, and who doesn’t believe?

You may have noticed recently if you follow me on my social media channels that I celebrated my birthday at the end of May. My boyfriend did really well (again!) with surprise presents, with one of them being a Ghost Tour on the Friday evening. He’s been to a couple before, but check this out – he actually doesn’t believe.

Which is fine… but I thought they were much more fun if you do have a strong belief in spirits and the ‘other world’…


So, the Ghost Hunt was part of Haunted Houses Ghost Hunting Events, in which a group of about 16 of us (split into two groups of 8) went touring around the old Ford Green Hall in Stoke-on-Trent – a really really old house.

The tour was fantastic, because it was ‘real’, as in, in some rooms we just got nothing, and in others, there was some crazy unexplained activity. I had a go at the ‘human pendulum’, where I was being pushed by any spirits in the room, when the group called out and asked it questions.

I also did a few things I never thought I would do, such as ouija boards and table tipping (where you all put finger tips on the table, and if there are spirits, they can sometimes tip the table).

I didn’t have any activity with the ouija boards, but I know some of the other groups did. However, we did an activity with a glass, in which it went crazy with movements in one of the rooms, answering yes and no questions. Was it really a spirit? I mean, we have no reason to believe it wasn’t, as there was certainly no one in the small group pushing the glass…

It’s a strange one, because although I believe in the supernatural, I haven’t actually seen or felt anything myself. Although I do have friends and family who have had the strangest, unexplained experiences, in which it makes me believe there is something out there…

One thing I can say for sure, is that I have had a fair few brilliant psychic readings, and a fair few poor quality ones too. I’ve had some which were absolutely spot on, and even gave me names of people and examples of situations that no one would know about.

But on the other hand, I’ve seen some really bad quality ones too. I remember when I was travelling Byron Bay, and I stopped to see a Turkish Psychic in her little hut. It was the most negative reading, where nothing made sense, although she did say that she could pick up that I was a little bit psychic if I put my mind to it…

Which is a strange one really, because maybe I close myself off a little bit because I’m scared. I mean, at the Ghost Hunt (photo of our group above!), there was an activity where we were each to walk into a deserted dark room and close the doors, and walk through it on our own, observing how we feel in certain parts of the room.

I literally clammed up, closed off my mind and was way too afraid to even walk in the room on my own. So maybe I cut myself off a little.

Whilst on this note, I’ll end with an infographic I’ve found which actually discussed the topic of ‘Am I Psychic’, put together by Take a little read below if you’re interested like I am…

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