Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Primer Review

I’ve been meaning to get this review up for so so long, however, I’ve just been happily using this product as a primer under my makeup and making the mental note day after day.

Today I’ve finally sat down and put fingertips to keyboard to type out how bloomin’ fabulous this primer from Balance Me really is. I obviously try out a lot of primers with being a full time beauty blogger, and have used many great formulas over the years. However, if I can find a primer which does something fantastic to my skin as well as carrying out it’s traditional primer duties – which are prepping the skin and prolonging foundation – then I’m instantly impressed.

We’re all a little more savvy now when it comes to products. We want our moisturisers, cleansers and primers to more than just the one job. The role of this Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Primer, which comes in at £26, is to plump up the skin (as it is aptly named) and to help create that fresh, flawless base everytime.

The Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Primer works to not only to prep and prolong the skin and makeup, but to tighten and smooth. And, being the little multitasker that it is, it creates a plumped up hydrated look, with an improved texture.

I’m not suggesting you skip your moisturiser step when you use this primer, but if you do, you probably wouldn’t notice. It’s deeply nourishing so therefore can double up as hydrating moisturising as well as carrying out it’s priming duties.

I’m big into my skincare ingredients, so in case your a skincare geek like myself, I’m going to mention what’s included. In a nutshell, this product uses a medium molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid to improve the barrier function of the skin, aid skin elasticity and smooth the skin. This results in reduced wrinkle depth​ for those pesky fine lines, smoothing out the appearance of the skin.

This way of infusing hyaluronic acid can acts as a ‘filler’, topically plumping the skin and all those little lines. It also does the same for surface dehydration, which can give a poor texture to skin.

I noticed the immediate, visible plumping effect to the skin​ from the first use, which is perfect whether you wish to use foundation or not.

Other key ingredients include Easyliance, a 100% natural blend of a hydrolysed biopolymer, and Acacia Gum; which creates an elastic film over the skin’s surface leading to an immediate, visible decrease of wrinkle depth.

You then have the skin smoothing Acmella Oleracea; I found this one interesting to research as it’s an ingredient which relaxes muscle contractions that our constant facial muscles cause. This in turn makes the skin appear smoother and less lined​. A little like freezing the muscles a touch. It also infuses cloudberry seed oil for its soothing and hydrating properties, and an essential oil blend of Rose Absolute, Chamomile and Neroli which add the calming and balancing benefits.

For me, it’s a fantastic multitasking product which is super kind to my skin. It doesn’t interfere with any other skincare products I’m using at the moment, or with any treatments I’m undergoing.

I’m actually in the middle of a series of peels to rid me of my deep pigmentation, so it’s nice to know this product is kind enough to my skin and doesn’t cause any problems!

Balance Me is now available at Boots, including Manchester Trafford Centre. You can also shop online directly from the Balance Me site.

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