6 Stylish Pieces to Include in Your Fall Wardrobe

Every fashionista knows that fall is one exciting season dress up and layer. It can be tempting to buy every stylish piece you set your eyes upon all the new fall pieces that flock in shops and boutiques, but it’s somewhat impractical to buy everything you seemingly “have to have” to be wise as consumers and think about sticking with classic pieces that are timeless.

Instead, focus on buying staple pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways throughout the season. Here is a list of six most stylish and timeless pieces to include in your fall wardrobe.

Denim jeans

Whether you prefer skinny jeans or baggy mom jeans, this piece is absolutely a staple for many. The best thing about investing in some high-quality denim jeans is that they are timeless. This pair is almost in every woman’s closet because they go well with almost everything.

Denim jeans can effortlessly go from day to night which is a total advantage, especially if you’re going straight to a casual hangout with friends after work.

Moto or Leather Jacket

Any type of jacket is a staple during fall because it’s finally the season of layering. However, having at least one colored suede moto jacket or faux leather is going to take your once casual outfit to the next level.

You may opt to just pair this with your go-to jeans and white top combination, or you may even wear your classic black faux leather jacket on top of your midi dress.

Trench Coat

If you still don’t have any kind or color of a trench coat in your closet, you’re missing out big time. Now that the fall season is fast approaching, this is one of the most versatile pieces you could pick up, because you can layer it with almost anything.

Besides keeping you warm when you’re out, having a neutral-colored trench coat that you can layer on top of your basic outfit will make it look like you’ve actually thought your outfit through. Other people also pair this with their classic grey hoodies along with their leather jeans and sneakers.

Midi Dress

As mentioned earlier, you can easily pair your midi dress with a jacket on top and you’re good to go. The reason why it works even during the fall season is that this type of dress is long enough to keep your legs warm.

This type of dress is flattering on almost all body types. However, midi dresses usually have a lighter and thinner cloth that tends to be sheer. Because of this, they are not the most supportive. If you have a small chest, you may want to pair it with a stylish bralette, and for women with a larger bust, a minimizer bra can work well to wear underneath.

If extra warmth is needed, you can also wear a pantyhose underneath and wear your classic knee-length boots for a more sophisticated, stand-out look.


Blazers have always been one of the best staples in almost any season. It is during fall, however, when you can see many women pairing it with various pieces from their wardrobes all thanks to the power of layering.

Get yourself a structured blazer with a pattern that’s not only chic but could also be dressed up or down when you’re aiming for an outfit for work or shopping with friends.

Ankle Boot

This classic never goes out of style. As versatile as the other stylish pieces mentioned, a pair of black or nude leather or suede booties is a must-have for your fall wardrobe. You’ll be amazed at how you can pair it with anything in your closet and still look absolutely stylish.


Investing in these classic stylish pieces would really uplevel your fall wardrobe. At the same time, you’ll also save some money as you can definitely wear these timeless pieces on other seasons!

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