9 Styling Tips for Appearing Slimmer

Clothing can make a person look bigger than he or she truly is. The right apparel choices, however, can hide a number of figure flaws. Individuals who wish to look slimmer will find doing so becomes easier with the right clothes. Take the following into consideration the next time you go shopping and want to look slimmer in the clothes you buy. 

Know Your Body Type

Men and women need to know their body type to ensure the clothes they choose are flattering. For example, a woman who is pear-shaped needs a tunic with side slits, while a woman who has no waist should belt the waist to make it look smaller. Check out clothing boutiques near me to see the many types of tunics available and find one that flatters your figure in every way. 

Pay Attention to the Details

Details can make or break an outfit. For example, those who wish to lose weight need to avoid beading, as this reflects light and makes the person look bigger. Avoid pleats on the front of pants because they add volume to the hips, and choose small prints to reduce bulk. 

Shoe Options

Shoes are an important part of any outfit. Kitten heels emphasize the body shape and should be avoided by those who are overweight. Ankle straps make the legs look shorter, while nude heels make the leg appear longer than it is. Stilletos, however, are ideal for those who are short or have a small frame. 


Choose your stripes carefully. For those areas where width is needed, such as a small bust, horizontal stripes are ideal. However, for those who are bottom-heavy, such as women with a pear-shaped figure, avoid pants with horizontal stripes. Vertical ones add length and make the person look slimmer. 

Watch Your Posture

Stand up straight and tall. Doing so does a number of things. It makes the belly look smaller, tightens the butt, makes you look ten pounds slimmer, and broadens the shoulders. In addition, it makes the body look up to five inches taller, depending on how much you slouched in the past. 

Try a New Hairstyle

Add layers to the hair, as this helps it move easier and reduces the weight of the locks. Layers look good on round faces, and the same is true of side parts that offset the circular face shape. Avoid big curls and waves, which add more volume and make a person look bigger. 


Capri pants don’t flatter most women. In fact, they make the legs look short and the calves stubby. Skinny jeans and tapered pants should never be worn by those who are big in the hips and thighs because they draw attention to this area. Choose bootcut or straight leg pants to avoid these issues and get along, lean look. 

Avoid Loose Clothing

Baggy clothing can add pounds to a person, so be sure to choose clothes that fit properly. In contrast, when clothes are too tight, the person looks like they have been stuffed into them, and this isn’t a good look either. Look for clothes that fit close and flatter the figure. 

Choose Monochromatic Outfits

Choose outfits where the top and bottom of the same shade. Doing so helps a person look tall and lean. People often assume this outfit must be in dark colors, but this isn’t the case. Even light colors when worn together will help to make a person look slimmer. 

Consider the above when you go shopping. By doing so, you can choose those items that provide you with a slimmer look. Very few people wouldn’t appreciate this. 

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