How To Find The Best Spa Break For You

If I had a pound for every time someone came to me for spa recommendations, I’d be a millionaire. I’m not complaining though – I genuinely love spa days and spa breaks with a passion, and I do try and experience them whenever possible.

Obviously, spa days and spa breaks are a bit of a treat. They aren’t something I book onto every weekend, but if I do have a bit of a lull inbetween holidays or if I’m lucky to have the occasional weekend free, I’ll happily book an overnight spa.

Spa breaks are the perfect excuse to unwind, relax and pamper yourself, especially when you bring the girls with you. Sometimes I take my boyfriend too, which admittedly spa days aren’t quite his thing, but he never complains when he’s there chilling out in a bubbling hot tub!

When it comes to finding the right spa break for you, you need to have a think about a number of aspects first. Do you want to go as part of a romantic get away to somewhere new? Do you want to improve your physical and mental well-being?

Of course, with all that, there’s always the question of your budget to consider.

Below, I’ve highlighted some factors to consider when it comes to planning the perfect spa break.

Match Your Budget to Your Spa Break

First decide whether you want to invest in an indulgent, splurge-worthy spa break, or if it’s a more budget-friendly spa trip you’re looking for. This is because there are lots of sites out there (like Wowcher and Groupon) which offer affordable and discounted spa trips, although they usually cover weekdays and those without overnight stays (not all the time though, occasionally you can get very lucky!).

This way, you can book a cheeky little relaxing spa break for under £80 most of the time, including extras like lunch and a treatment.

However, for those wanting to make the most of it – and this is the type of break I’m mostly all about! – you can set your budget for a more extravagant weekend away. Yes, a quaint spa retreat weekend which includes an overnight stay, lunch, dinner, breakfast, treatments and prosecco can be pricier, but if you plan them in as more of a weekend holiday, they are worth it for switching your mind off and investing in your well-being.

Again, look into any offers the spa may offer. I’m off to one next week which has an overnight stay, treatments, meals and drinks for £149, which I feel isn’t too overboard!

The right combination of research, online services and specialised services makes it easier to find an affordable package.

Think About What You Want To Get From The Spa Break

Always think about your personal wants and needs first. Different spas can cater for a variety of needs and requirements, so understand first what a dream spa break looks like to you.

For example, those who like keeping fit will want to book a spa that has a state of the art gym. Don’t be fooled into thinking all spa venues have these. I’ve been to some that have a tiny box room with one treadmill and a set of free weights (much to my pleasure, but to my boyfriend’s total anger).

If you’re a foodie, some spas cater for healthy eating and vegan diets, and others present a Michelin star chef. Others don’t focus on the food, and it’s all about the treatments and facilities.

Then there are spa breaks set out in the countryside, ideal for those passionate about walking and who appreciate nature.

Always consider the range of options available, as it is important to focus on what is really important to you and that you would like to get from the experience. This goes down to your personal requirements and preferences.

Are You Happy To Travel?

Some spa breaks can act as a far away get-away, giving you the excuse to explore a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. This make spa breaks across the north or south act as great locations.

For example, looking at spa days in Kent is worthy for those wanting to explore the southern side of the UK. Plus, you can to visit other areas down south surrounding places like Kent, if you plan it well.

For those who just want to be close to home should plan the maximum time and miles you wish to be located. These days, lots of hotels are opening up their own spas and offering spa breaks, so you may be surprised at what the local hotels around you can offer.

Read Reviews and Check Instagram

And last but not least – always invest time in reading reviews! You won’t get a clearer picture of a spa break that from someone who has genuinely visited. You can usually search for reviews via dates, therefore its the most recent date reviews that will give you the most reliable idea.

Instagram is also a great way of finding people’s photographs from spa breaks. You can look on the spa companies profile, or search by location, and Instagram will show you everyone’s photos who have tagged into the location. Checking hashtags for the name of the spa works too!

With the multitude of online services out there, finding a spa getaway that matches your budget is easier than it’s ever been.

Remember that overall, booking a spa break should be exciting and fill you the desire to really treat yourself to a well deserved trip. Decide on a price range, focus on your requirements, and round up your best spa day buddies!

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