A Girls Guide on How To Look After Your Car Tyres

I’ll be honest: one of the things I think about a lot when the Summer kicks in is getting my body into shape, not so much my car. I guess it’s just one of those things. I always think my car is doing fine, and as I’m not one to care too much for machinery, it’s easy to focus on other things.

But while myself and many other ladies out there (I’m sure!) are busy making Summer plans, it’s important to understand your car and it’s tyre situation. I mean, tyres are incredibly important, and if you’re planning a road trip this Summer, you’re going to need to know what to look out for.

Hence this guide! So here we go. Here are some tyre safety basics to look out for, to ensure you’re always on top of your car and it’s health:

Understand and take note of your tyre tread

It might sound silly, but we wouldn’t let the soles of our favourite shoes wear down without realising, would we? So it’s time to keep a check on the tread of your tyres.

Each tyre will have tread that wears down with driving. The more you drive and the more miles you cover, the faster your tyres will become worn.

You might notice that your car feels like there is less traction between the car itself and the road, as the grip reduces. This also means your braking distance will increase, and you are more likely to skid when driving in the rain.

The legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres, across the central ¾ of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre. If you’re not sure whether you are legal, ask a wheel and tyre professional to point out the tread wear indicators on your tyres.

If you’re tyres are severely worn or have a puncture, you’ll be in need for new tyres. Search for your local tyre retailer and fitting company, for example, those who need tyres in Loughton, you can get tyres from Elite Direct.

Check the pressure

I’m going to reference shoes again. Well it is a ladies guide, right? Wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose can be fashion suicide or just plain unpleasant. The right tyre pressure can also be the difference between life and death on the roads.

Each car comes with recommended pressures which you will find either in the sill of the driver’s door or inside the fuel cap.

It’s best to check what your cars requirements are and take the time to check these and make sure the pressure is just right. Over inflated tyres erode quickly at their centre, while under inflated tyres wear on the outsides quicker. Under inflated tyres overheat easily and can cause tyre bursts which is notorious for road fatalities.

What about your spare?

Yes, you may have another tyre in your car as part of the spare tyre. Some cars have them underneath the boot, which is made for emergencies only. It will get you by, but isn’t recommended for day to day driving.

Others have a flat tyre fixing kit, and others come fitted with run-flat tyres in which you won’t have a spare. You can find run-flats on BMW’s.

Make sure you are completely comfortable and understand everything your car comes with. Some people don’t even check what backup they have if their tyre goes flat. If you sell your car or if your car becomes a total loss, you’ll need to know all of this information to pass on.

Avoid Overloading The Vehicle

This is pretty straightforward. On the door frame is a placard that will tell you how much weight your car can handle safely.

Overloading the car can lead to tyre failure. If that seems like the worst case scenario, do take note that overloading your vehicle is sure to affect the handling. And that has a huge bearing on vehicle safety.

Overall, the more care you take to look after your tyres, the longer they will last which means you have more money to spend on your summer holiday- yay!

These are just some of the basics for keeping your tyres in check and staying safe on the roads. Make sure you continuously stay aware of the health of your tyres, to avoid any unfortunate scenarios.

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