Planning My Foodie Trip To Italy For September 2019

Most people are always shocked to hear that I haven’t been to New York yet, but for me, I’m mostly shocked I haven’t yet visited Italy. I’m obsessed with Italian food: pasta, pizza, Italian meats, cheeses, wine… you name it, I’m Italy obsessed.

Except for the fact I haven’t even experienced the real authentic side of Italy yet. I mean – what’s holding me back?

This September, myself and my friend have decided to finally get ourselves to Italy, hopefully to tour a number of cities. As much as I would love to see the history of Rome and the fashion side of Milan, I do have one true love which needs to be prioritised – and that’s the foodie side of Italy.

To make the most of my Italian trip, I’ve decided to work up a travel plan which centres around food. After doing a lot of research, one of the ways I found this to work best is to book ourselves on a ‘proper’ Italian foodie tour, ran by the experts in authentic Italian cuisine, done the traditional way.

I figured out that if we visit Milan first, and head to the North of Italy, we can then travel down a little further South of Milan, to take part in what looks like a foodie tour designed just for me.

The tour itself is the Foodie’s Delight 3 Tour, covering Modena, Bologna and Parma on a delicious food tour, which is ran by Emilia Delizia. So lets take a look at why I’m keen to do this..

The tour starts from only 109 euros, and during my research, is listed as one of the best value tours for small groups, which is perfect for us being in a group of 2. It starts from a place in Italy called Modena, which looks like a real foodie city!

The foodie tour is a full inclusive food tour highlighting all things centred around Italian Parmesan, balsamic and ham – 3 key Italian ingredients. It includes transport, food tasting and of course, an English speaking guide, which is super helpful for us.

The tour can depart from Modena Central Station or your hotel at 8.30 am, and is available 7 days a week most days of the year. The tour ends back in Modena at about 13.00 hours.

The great thing here is that I don’t have to work my travel schedule based around set days of this foodie tour – it runs 7 days meaning I can work it in to whichever days I’m around the Modena and Bologna end of Italy.

So let’s take a look at what to expect from the tour:

Firstly, the tour takes you to explore full Parmesan cheese production visits, which comes with generous tasting. Great for the cheese fans! Lets face it: Parmesan is the best.

Then, you get to visit Balsamic vinegar producers, which again includes tasting and the possibility to buy Balsamic vinegar at bargain prices.

Following this is a visit to Villani’s Salami world to check out the famous Parma ham, mortadella and prosciutto San Daniele, with a full guided tour and tasting directly at the Salami Factory in Modena.

The generous cured meat tasting at the end of the tour is included in the price. Additional Brunch & cooking class at the organic winery can be added to this tour for extra, which I have to admit sounds pretty tempting to us!

The tour can pick you from your hotel in the morning and leave you in Modena, where you can explore the city, or visit the Ferrari Museum, or just make your way to your next destination.

If you’re looking for a real authentic Italian foodie tour, I feel this one is a real good one to look into. I actually found the Emilia Delizia website super helpful when getting inspiration for my upcoming Italy trip in general though too.

I mean, as well as this foodie tour focusing on Parmesan, balsamic and ham tour, there is also a Gourmet Tour and pasta making class using a pasta making machine, a Prosecco Wine Tour (yes – my name all over this one) and Truffle Hunts.

My tummy is rumbling now!

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