6 Fashion Essentials for a Ladies Summer Wardrobe

The weather in the UK can be pretty confusing at the best of times, but right now it’s truly bizarre.

One minute we had a fluke hot weekend in Aoril, followed by a pretty miserable May and June. And now we’re in July, we’ve just been blessed with blazing hot sun. Confused? Yep, me too.

It’s because of the unpredictable weather I decided to put this blog post together, highlighting some summer essentials I feel most ladies should have in their wardrobe. They don’t neccasarily have to be typical summer items, because after all, the weather in unpredictable, right?

Here are 6 items I like to ensure I have in my capsule wardrobe collection, every Summer!

A floral dress

You can’t beat a touch of florals when the Summer months approach. The beauty of florals is that they don’t tend to date, especially if you go for a subtle, classic style of florals on a simple dress.


The ideal floral dress to have in your wardrobe for Summer should be one which can be dressed up and down, if possible.

For example, the one in the photo can be worn with skinny jeans and a wedge shoe for a more casual summer day time look, or it can be dressed up with bare legs, striking heels and a clutch for the evening.

A Light Jacket

I don’t know about you, but living in Manchester makes it really difficult for me to figure out what type of coat I’m supposed to wear for the majority of the seasons. I envisage Summer as being all about light jackets, blazers for the evening, and the heavier coats are saved for the Autumn/Winter months.

However, we’re still partial to wind and rain in the Summer’s here, therefore I always try to keep a stylish light jacket to hand, but one which can cover the tops of my legs – just in case there is a bit of a strong wind!

I try to choose a summer colour palette for a lighter jacket, like orange, cream, beige or a soft pastel. It’s a good idea to perhaps invest in a smart linen one, which is extremely lightweight, and a slightly heavier, warmer one for when the UK summer really isn’t behaving.

Pretty Nightwear

During those warmer evenings and brighter mornings, it’s worth having a favourite pair of Summer pj’s or a pretty little nightdress that is lightweight and fresh.

We spend so long being stuck in the Winter months that it’s easy to get carried away with a collection of snuggly winter pyjamas. Then comes Summer, and we’re choosing our ordinary vest tops and shorts to sleep in.

Change it up by investing in a cute set in lovely summer shades, that make you look forward to those warmer evenings.

White Skinnies

We spend most of the year avoiding wearing white, in fear of looking too bright or spilling things onto us. But in summer, white is right! Nothing looks more airy and alive than a touch of white, usually best worn across denim, in my opinion.

White skinny jeans are just a simple way to incorporate white into your summer look, especially during the evenings. I’ve styled mine up with a beige oversized shirt tied up in the photos here, but luckily, white pretty much goes with anything.

Denim Shorts

Every girl needs a good fitted pair of denim shorts when the summer months kick in. The beauty of denim shorts is that you don’t have to opt for those high thigh skimming hot pants, as above-the-knee styles are now huge news!

I like to call these ones I’m wearing ‘denim cut-offs’, as they literally remind me of a cut-off pair of black denim skinny jeans.

They can work well with t-shirts, crop tops, shirts, and even pulled over a swimsuit or a bikini for a ‘strutting around the pool look’ without feeling self-conscious about thighs. A lot of girls tend to feel uncomfortable is those mega shirt denim hot pants, so I’m super pleased to see they aren’t the only way to wear denim shorts for the summer.

Casual Tee

Invest in a good quality baggy t-shirt which is from your favourite brand. A loose fitting tee gives you flexibility to move (and sweat!) when summer arrives, and those temperatures start to soar.

Loose fitting t-shirts work well with leggings, as worn in these photos, denim shorts, cycling shorts (bit of a new trend!) and fitted midi skirts too. It depends what type of look you want to go for. In general you’ll struggle not to find a look that works during the summer with a baggy tee.

Just make sure you pick one that suits your personality and style. You can go crazy here – logos, graphics, prints, the lot!

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