7 Unique and Incredibly Delicious Food Carts for Birthday Parties

Like most people, you’re probably tired of the usual old-fashioned style of catering and are looking for something a little exciting for your birthday party. A Woofemdown food cart is the perfect solution. Since the creation of these “restaurants-on-wheels”, people have come up with all sorts of creative ideas for them.

We now have a wide variety to choose from and food carts can cater to all sorts of tastes and preferences. To help you find inspiration for your birthday party, we did some research to find the most creative and delicious food cart ideas around.  


If you like cotton candy then you should definitely try out the Fluffed food cart concept. Fluffed does cotton candy like you’ve never seen (or tasted) it before. They’ve even created their own artisanal flavors, like Maple Bacon, Cherry Pepper, Pina Colada, Honey Mansi and more.

Of course it wouldn’t be a cotton candy party without bright colors and Fluffed does this really well. Their food truck stands out without being too jarring as they use a color palette that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Spud Buds:

Yep, you guessed it! Spud Buds is a food truck with a unique take on the classic potato. Get ready to experience this humble vegetable like never before. Spud Buds offers all types of unique creations with potatoes, from shoestring fries to perfectly textured potato skins dipped in a scrumptious medley of flavors.

To show that they really push the envelope, Spud Buds even makes chocolate chip potato chips! With a food truck like that, your birthday party will definitely be the talk of the town.

Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs:

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, a food truck like Schmidt’s comes along to completely blow your mind. If you’re a hotdog lover then this food truck idea is perfect for you. Schmidt’s is known for offering unique flavors that you wouldn’t normally imagine on a hotdog. From the Coney Island Chilli Dog to the Japanese inspired Wagamama hot dog.

Pepi Cubano:

Serving authentic Cuban sandwiches is a sure-fire way to make sure that your next birthday party stands out, and Pepi Cubano can help you do just that. The food connoisseurs behind this brilliant idea use an eclectic combination of flavors and textures to bring Cuba to your taste buds. Their sandwich combinations include mouth-watering options like sirloin beef with caramelized onions as well as slow-roasted pork loin, to name but a few. 

Merry Moo:

As the name implies, the Merry Moo food truck is all about the dairy- in ice cream form of course! Not only do they take time to come up with new and exciting ice cream flavors, but Merry Moo has some of the most beautiful looking gelato around.

Their ice cream is a feast for the senses that gets your mouth watering before you even taste the flavors. Some of their exclusive craft ice cream flavors include the creamy Avocado flavor, Sea Salt Caramel, Candied Bacon and more.


Channel your inner Harajuku girl (or boy) with Tamayaki’s unique assortment of Japanese flavors. This includes a Japanese delicacy known as Takoyaki, which is made with flour and special Takoyaki sauce.  Having this food truck at your party will be like bringing real Japanese street food to your guests.

They even make delicious Milk Teas with a twist and offer a medley of flavors that you will not soon forget.


Go all out with gourmet fries and hot dogs that will impress even the most avid foodie. What makes this food truck unique from others that offer a similar menu is that Frittery pairs their dishes with a range of “secret sauces”. Plus, this truck comes from the same team that brought you the Slammin! Burger so you know it must be epic.


If you can’t hire your favorite food truck from this list, you can always take inspiration from them. For example, you can create your own ice cream flavors by looking up recipes on the internet. Some of our favorite finds include Avocado chocolate mousse and lavender ice cream.

You may not be able to recreate all the flavors offered by Spud Buds, but you can always buy some of their chips and pair them with delicious dips for a mind-blowing flavor combination. Just play around with different ideas to give your party a completely different atmosphere.

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