10 Surprising Bonding Activities For You And Your Girls

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship, engaged or married, or maybe you’re stuck in the office 24/7. Every girl – regardless of age – needs to find a moment for her girlfriends from time to time. Spending time with other women, who know you and understand you, can help you reduce stress, clear your head and relax.

Are you afraid that it’s been too long since you were together for the last time? Don’t you worry! It takes a lot to break a female friendship. But if you’re looking for some special bonding activities ideas for your next girl night (or day), you’ve come to the right place.

Hen Party Strip show

It’s very popular to hire male strippers for hen parties if the bride doesn’t mind, but fewer people know that a striptease is not only some sexy moves and an occasional lap dance. There are shows that very often are more entertaining and spectacular than a live concert or a theatre play.

Is there anything more fun and girly than this? You can only get awya with this type of fun night with a group of giggling girls!


Who wouldn’t like to feel like a movie star just for one moment? You can either buy a photoshoot with a professional photographer or do it yourself. Either way, you will have a lot of fun dressing up, doing make-up and posing together. What’s more, you will get to keep photos as a souvenir or maybe something to show off on Instagram.

Taking a class

There’s always something that you would like to learn, but you’re postponing it all the time. It can be pottery, knitting, martial arts or a dancing class – this will give you an opportunity to meet regularly, share an experience and, later, share a skill that will be your thing.


There’s no need to explain this phenomenon. It doesn’t matter if you love singing and can do it anywhere and anytime, or maybe you need a couple of drinks before you can get on stage. Singing is very often recommended as a relaxing exercise, so when you sing your favorite songs along with your favorite girls, it can only bring you joy. Are you rubbish at singing? Well, nothing can bring you together as well as public humiliation.


Bonding and feeling good is not only about having frivolous fun. You can also do something for others, e.g. in an animal shelter. You not only get to hang out with your friends, but you can do it while spending time with cute dogs that really need your help. It will get you closer and make you feel good about yourselves.

Escape room

There’s a whole range of plots and situations to choose from – depending on your mutual preferences, you can plan a money heist, be trapped in a haunted house or play Holmes and Watson. People tend to get very emotional in escape rooms, so this experience allows you to learn something about each other and try to cooperate.

Clothes swap

We all have piles of clothes that we think we like but don’t actually wear. It’s a good idea to encourage your friends to bring all of their piles and see what happens. Your girls may have outfit ideas that have never even crossed your mind before but can make you look fresh and fabulous. It’s a way of refreshing your wardrobe without spending any money. And it can turn into a little makeover.

Exploring the city

You can do it even when you’re out running some errands – just ask your friend along and it will turn into a little adventure. Visit a restaurant you’ve never been to before, have a glass of wine at your favorite place, or step into a little gallery or unknown museum.


Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try but were too afraid? Share it with your friends and plan something together! It’s hard to bungee jump or get a ride in a hot air balloon all by yourself. When you’re with other people, you can be there for each other in the moments of doubt and create some amazing memories.

Do nothing

With today’s hectic lifestyle, sometimes it’s best to just sit on your couch or lay in bed. Why not do it together? You can rest, eat healthy (or not) and catch up with everything that’s been going on in your lives. Also, there are always dozens of movies and tv-series on your watchlist – it’s more fun to watch something together, exchanging comments and making fun of a plot or actors.

It all depends on your preferences, time and budget, but there are tons of different ways to spend some quality time with others. We need other people in our lives and friends can actually make your every-day reality much better. So there’s no time to waste – call your girls and plan something just for you!

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