6 Tips For Drying Clothes Fast Without A Dryer

This time of year makes drying clothes quickly an absolute nightmare. I don’t know about you, but we run out of places to dry our clothes in the home, seeing as outside is no longer an option.

Daylight disappears and it gets dark right after you get home from work. And then there’s the lovely British weather to contend with…

To solve this problem, many people dry clothes in a tumble dryer. But what if you don’t have one? And who wants to hang out at a musty old launderette for what seems hours? Not me!

So here are 6 ways to get your glad rags dry in a hurry.

1. Use an extra spin cycle

The spin cycle helps remove the water from your clothes. But even the best washing machines can only remove up to 55% of the moisture.

So using an extra spin cycle can get more water out and significantly reduce the drying time. If you’ve got a variable speed washing machine, make sure you ramp up the spin speed to 1600 rpm.

2. Let radiators do their thing

Radiators are a great way to dry clothes quickly without a dryer. However, what tends to happen is people cover every square inch with dripping clothes.

This stifles the heat and means your boiler has to work much harder. (And your electricity bill goes up). Instead, wring your clothes out first and try not to overload your radiator.

3. Rotate your clothes

It’s an age old question: do you tuck the legs of your jeans into the back of the radiator? Or do you let them dangle down freely?

The solution is to rotate your clothes so you don’t get those annoying damp bits in cuffs, collars and pockets.

4. Use a heated airer

Probably the best way to get clothes dry fast without a tumble dryer is using a heated airer (a.k.a “Clothes Horse”).They’re great for the winter months and they can dry clothes in just a few hours.

Make sure to get an airer with a cover because these helps trap the heat. That means your clothes will dry faster (due to the “Greenhouse Effect”).

A cover also helps stop damp and condensation occurring in your home.

5. The hangar & hair dryer method

Don’t you hate it when just one item of clothing is still wet but without it you can’t go out? (Or suffer the indignation of pulling some clothes out of the dirty washing basket…).

Fear not. Here’s something that’s very easy to try. Grab a hangar and a hairdryer.

Hang your clothes somewhere warm (the bathroom works great) and give them a quick blast of warm air.

You don’t need to go at it like you’re welding the QE2. Instead, blow warm air evenly over your garment and rotate the hangar as you go.

6. Use the “Towel Sausage Technique”

Using the “Towel Sausage technique” is another good hack for when you need dry clothes in a hurry.

Here’s how it works:

Lay the thickest towel you’ve got down on the floor. Then lay your piece of damp clothing on top of it.

Next, roll up the towel (with the garment on the inside) as tight as you can. Start twisting and squeezing the towel, working from one end to the other.

Squeeze that sausage!

You should find the towel has absorbed the excess water from your clothes. Depending on the material, they might be ready for ironing!

If not, this “Sausage Technique” will drastically shorten the remaining drying time.

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