4 Timesless Design Elements for Your Home

When it comes to your home and planning any update to it, many of us turn to home interior trends. It’s worth noting that some of these home interior trends stick around for a long time, and become classic, timeless themes. However, some are trend-led, and may only have a longevity of 12 months or so.

There is nothing wrong with following the ‘hot topic’ interior trends, however, if you do opt for the ones which change yearly, you’ll find they can require a lot of upkeep, not to mention the time and money spent on your home too.

One of the best themes to follow when it comes to decorating or styling your home is to follow a tradition, classic look. One that will stand the test of time and never date. Of course, if you have a Victorian home, it’s fine to work to an older style to be more inkeeping with the building. But overall, by having a beautiful home that has a timeless interior will ensure your home never dates.

The key is to stick to an ‘evergreen’ styling plan. If you’re not too sure how to do this, here are 4 ideas which should spark some inspiration.

1. Opt for a neutral colour scheme

Bright and bold walls, patterned carpets and eccentric wallpapers can scream fashion and style, but in reality, they aren’t going to look stylish for long. Of course, colour brings life and atmosphere to a home, but that can still be done if you choose a more subtle, neutral colour palette.

For floors, you can’t go wrong with engineered wood flooring, which tends to come in natural oak, smoked oak or a darker, coffee inspired oak. These durable wooden floors work well in any room of the home, and the fresh natural wood shade lends itself easily to white, cream, grey or beige interiors. That being said, it also doesn’t clash with navy or dark tones, simply adding warmth to the room.

For the walls and furniture, those creamy beige and off-white tones work well with wooden frames, silver, brass or gold finishings, bright whites and washed out greys. There is something about neutrals which give off a sense of elegance and class, too. You’ll be left with a clean looking, modern home that looks presentable all year round.

2. Stick to symmetry when styling

If you have heard of the rules of symmetry before but never quite put it into plan, now is time to listen up. We’re drawn to symmetrical items as a human race – anything that is balanced equally and sits in proportion. It looks neater and more ‘correct’, which is why many interior designers bring symmetry into homes across furniture, gallery walls and room layout.

When bringing symmetry into your home, start with the living room and use the fireplace as a central mark point. You’ll find if you place bookselves, wall shelves or cabinets either side, you start to build up a neat order and layout.

You can even just bear in mind this rule for accessorising, like with flowers, ornaments, photo frames and mirrors.

It’s worth approaching each room in the home with symmetry in mind, imagining that invisible mirror running through the center of the room.

3. Keep technology and wires hidden

Homes with a fresh and minimal feel always seem to look more modern as the years go on. The key here is to keep a home free from any unneccesary fuss or ‘mess’ – which can simply be things lying around that don’t need to be there.

This is where clever storage can become your best friend. You can create a calm, tidy looking home by simply keeping spare wires and cabes hidden away in drawers, TV’s shut away in wooden cabinets, and computers or other bulky technology items in desk units which come with cupboards and doors. If money allows, look at updating any chunkier items like game consoles, speakers and computers to more slimline, modern day versions. This way, they can be placed under sofas or tucked away into drawers after use.

It’s all about utilising storage as best you can.

4. Choose natural finishes where possible

Rose gold and metallic silver finishes around the home can work well for a super modern look, and they also lend themselves to many home trends. However, they do tend to fall into that category: the trend heavy theme, following interior trends which can come an go.

Aim to bring in finishes of a natural materia like stone, wood and silk where you can. These never date, no matter if you live in a countryside cottage or a top floor city center apartment. A beautiful oak dining table and matching coffee table will always give that cosy, warm feel, working well with any colour sofa or kitchen.

For kitchens, granite work tops make a great choice, and when it comes to accessorising the living room or bedroom, try to opt for wool or silk materials for bedding, cushions and curtains. These give that luxury feel, without being too trend focused.

Overall, it’s worth remembering that no two peoples homes are the same, and it’s important to bring an element of your own personality to the place. That being said, I hope the tips above will come in use for any guidance, to ensure you can continue to have a classic and timeless home for many years to come!

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